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‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Takes Kids On Dangerous Expedition?

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Fans recently slammed Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans for ditching her son Kaiser on his birthday for a romantic getaway. It looks like the mom of three is writing down the ‘Bad Parenting Saga’ as she continues to be under the critics’ radar. The 30-year-old is now being criticized for putting her kids at risk during what should have been a fun outing.

Jenelle Evans Out With Kids & Husband Celebrating Fourth Of July

The Teen Mom 2 alum was with her husband, David Eason, and their three kids on a day out around North Carolina’s Beacon Heights Trail. Jenelle was out and about in the mountains with her children, Jace, 12, Kaiser, 8, & Ensley, 5. The family was also accompanied by David’s stepdaughter Maryssa, 14.

Jenelle Evans YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

As per The Sun, this is the same spot where the MTV alum was proposed by beau David in 2016. She shared a picture of her husband standing on the cliff’s edge facing out towards the serene view. David held hands with Ensley standing next to him while Kaiser sat on the rock. Jace stood a bit further, taking in the beautiful view.

Jenelle also posted a TikTok video of the group’s outing that showed her kids struggling to stay put on the windy mountain top. She captioned the Instagram post with the hashtag ‘#HappyFourthofJuly.’

Jenelle Evans Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

She also added, “We spent our day in the mountains on Beacon’s Trail, where @easondavid88 proposed to me in 2016. So happy to share this view/experience with our kids!”

Jenelle Evans Accused Of Zero Parental Supervision

While Jenelle clearly seemed pleased with her day, critics quickly pointed out that she wasn’t paying enough attention to her kids. A fan wrote on a Reddit forum that this is nice and dangerous. Another pointed out that this was an example of zero parental supervision.

Jenelle Evans TikTok

[Source: TikTik]

A third fan questioned how she was letting the kids roam around at the top of the mountain. As mentioned earlier, this isn’t Jenelle’s first disaster story as a parent.

Jenelle’s Kids Swim In A River With Alligators

Last month, the reality star came under the critic’s radar for allowing her kids to swim in a river inhabited by alligators, as speculated by fans. The mother of three recently shared a TikTok video of the boat trip on the river. During the outing, Jace went inside the water to test the kneeboard. He held tight to the rope attached to the back of the boat.

Jenelle Evans TikTok

[Source: TikTok]

The TV personality recorded her son’s water adventures as her husband steered the boat. Viewers questioned the safety of the river, with one asking whether they have alligators in the water. Jenelle responded to the query stating that the river does have gators, but they are scared of people.

Do you feel Jenelle Evans is a classic example of bad parenting? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. This poor girl. Let her live! I feel like since she quit they have been in her personal business even more. That’s awesome that they got to see where David proposed to their mommy. I don’t know I’m not saying she is perfect no person and definitely no mother is but c’mon where we live the lakes are full of gators and they are scared of people you just have to be careful

  2. Oh cmon give it a rest already! Ya’ll love making crap out of nothing. She’s done with mtv and all that bull crap. Let her live her life now. Go focus on that porn star teen mom or the Kaitlin girl with 7 different baby daddy’s. Now they are good role models 🙄🙄🙄

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