Grayson Chrisley All Grown Up, Poses Shirtless & Unrecognizable?

Actor and reality star Grayson Chrisley is not a little kid anymore. The youngest Chrisley turned sweet sixteen back in May. His mother, Julie wished her son a very happy birthday in an adorable Instagram post. Yet, he has so much more to celebrate as he is evolving into a very handsome young man.

Mama Julie Sends Happy Wishes To Grayson Chrisley On His Birthday

Julie was very sentimental watching her baby boy turn sixteen. In her celebratory Instagram post, she had a series of pictures featuring young and adult Grayson with the caption:

Happy Birthday, @graysonchrisley.”

The post continues with Julie stating that she can’t believe her baby is 16. She added that she is proud of the young man Grayson is, and she loves him with all her heart.

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The reality star added that she thanks God daily for choosing her to be Grayson’s mother.

Emmy Medders Shares Pictures With The Chrisley Family

However, what caught fans’ eyes was this series of pictures on Instagram by his brother Chase Chrisley’s girlfriend, Emmy Medders. She posted an Insta story of the family celebrating the Fourth of July, watching the fireworks, and by the beach.

Grayson Chrisley YouTube

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For 16, Grayson Chrisley looked pretty buffed, wearing light blue shorts with a matching cap turned back. The post was captioned, “Memories I’ll never forget.”

A fan commented on the post, “That’s so sweet to include Grayson! I just love your family! Happy 4th!”

Another chimed in, “The fireworks shot of you and Chase is so cute, and Grayson is GROWN”.

Finally, a third commented, “Love y’all SMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!! Look at Gray”.

Todd Chrisley Has Some Advice For Son Grayson Chrisley

This is a fresh look for the family amid the legal woes ailing Todd and Julie Chrisley. According to People, the couple might face up to 30 years in prison after the fraud and tax evasion verdicts last month. However, it seems like Todd is looking out for his son Grayson.

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More so, in the couple’s podcast, Chrisley Confessions, Todd mentioned that it has been difficult for his youngest son, Grayson, to focus on being positive with all the hate they receive on social media.

Additionally, Todd mentioned that Grayson is the sweetest child and has a very tender heart. For someone with a heart like Grayson, the world is too cruel. Moreover, he can end up hurt. Todd also said that the world doesn’t really care if his feelings are hurt.

Grayson Chrisley Instagram

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The Chrisley Knows Best star shared a piece of advice he gave to his son. He said, “You understand that you’re allowing someone that you’re never going to meet and their comment to affect your day, your mood, your self-worth, who your family is.”

He added, “If you would spend as much time listening to God as you do this message that someone sent, who has two followers, and a cat as their emoji.”

What the future holds for the family in terms of legal concerns remains unknown. Regardless, we love that the family is having a good time amid the negativity. Are you shocked to see Grayson all grown up? Share your thoughts.

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