What Will Become Of ‘Chrisley Confessions’ If Todd Goes To Jail?

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In addition to their TV series, Todd and Julie Chrisley also host a podcast called Chrisley Confessions. The podcast released episode 187 this week. Presently, the couple releases a podcast episode once a week. As those who tune into the podcast regularly know, Todd and Julie make an effort to be consistent and try not to let anything stop them from doing new episodes. This has included recording episodes while on vacation. This has also included recruiting Savannah and Chase to pop onto the podcast in place of a missing parent.

The big question fans that tune in to listen to Chrisley Confessions each week is simple: What happens to the podcast if Todd and Julie end up in the slammer? Fortunately, this was a question the couple answered during their most recent podcast episode.

Todd and Julie Chrisley via YouTube
Todd and Julie Chrisley via YouTube

What will happen to Chrisley Confessions?

During the first 15-20 minutes of episode 187 of their podcast, Todd and Julie reassured fans that they would continue to drop episodes of their podcast so long as they were able to do so. The couple didn’t if they ended up behind bars. They, however, did proceed to tell fans what plans they had in place for the podcast if they reached a point in time where they could not do episodes of the podcast anymore.

Will the podcast stop dropping new episodes of the show if Todd and Julie go to jail? Or, does the couple have some sort of plan in place to make sure that never happens?

Todd Chrisley and Julie
Todd Chrisley and Julie

Todd and Julie Chrisley explains their plans

After promising fans the show would go on as long as possible, Todd said that the keys would be passed to his children Savannah and Chase. He explained that if “something” happened preventing him and Julie from moving forward with the podcast, his children would absolutely take over.

Todd Chrisley also promised his fans and followers that his children would include updates on how Julie and himself were doing if they were in a position where they couldn’t do the podcast.

Julie and Todd Chrisley Instagram

Neither Todd nor Julie clarified that the “something” that might take them away from the podcast is jail time though. As those following the family knows, Todd and Julie Chrisley face up to 30 years behind bars following their guilty verdict. They are presently on house arrest as they await their sentencing hearing.

Does it make you happy to know they have plans in place to continue Chrisley Confessions? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Todd and Julie Chrisley.

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