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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Criticize Leon Brown’s Black & White Thinking

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Sister Wives fans are criticizing Leon Brown’s strict way of thinking when it comes to their transition. While people are happy that Leon has been met with support, they are questioning their black-and-white mindset. Keep reading to see how fans feel about the situation.

Meri Brown’s Child Comes Out

It has been less than a week since Sister Wives Meri Brown’s child came out as transgender in an Instagram post. The post stated, ” My name is Leon or Leo (i love both) and my pronouns are they/them.”

Sister Wives - Instagram/Leon Brown

Credit: Instagram/Leon Brown

Since then, Leon has taken a strong stance on people misgendering them or deadnaming them. Either get it right or get out of their life. Many Sister Wives fans believe this is typical of their past behavior, as seen on the reality TV show.

The post warned that if anyone chooses to not use their new pronouns or name “then you do not need to speak to or about me.” Audrey Kriss, Leon’s fiance, commented, “Love you so much and so proud of you 🤍.” Brown’s mother, Meri, also showed her support on the post.

Sister Wives Fans Criticize Leon

In a Reddit thread that has since been locked by moderators, Sister Wives fans discussed Leon’s approach to people who are having a difficult time with their new pronouns. For Leon, it is unacceptable and they won’t speak to or of them ever again.

The Redditor started the conversation saying, “I’m glad people are so positive and supportive of Leon BUT I have an issue with the statement where they are essentially saying if you don’t perfectly comply at all times with the proper name and pronoun for them, then don’t speak to them or even OF them, ever. That’s pretty consistent with Leon’s black and white thinking that we’ve seen on the show in whatever phase of life they were in.”

They continued, stating that many people are learning and adapting to new pronouns, and new ways of doing things. The OP went on to say that seeing that situation play out on television underlined the current state of the country.

Sister Wives - Instagram/Audrey Kriss

Credit: Instagram/Audrey Kriss

Many of the people who chose to weigh in on the discussion agreed. One person said, “My trans friend was always tolerant of us when we were learning. And they didn’t mind as long as we were trying. It’s hard knowing someone for a while then rewiring your brain to use a new name or different pronoun.” However, they also pointed out that everyone is in a different stage of transition. It is possible that Leon has drawn a boundary with specific people in their life.

Another person pointed out, “I mean, I think there is a big difference between accidentally slipping up and then correcting yourself vs. not trying at all to use the correct pronouns or purposely using the wrong ones.” Other Redditors agreed that it is more about respect than anything. One person chimed in, “They have definitely had a ‘my way or the highway’ mentality in a lot of situations but I don’t think this is aimed at those who are genuinely trying to learn and be better allies.”

What do you think? Is the Sister Wives star taking it too far or is it a healthy boundary?

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