When Will ‘Big Brother 24’ Cast Be Revealed?

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With Julie Chen Moonves as the host, the CBS show Big Brother is all set to hit the TV with its 24th season. The American reality show follows a bunch of contestants/houseguests that live together in a house with cameras all around filming 24/7. Stakes are set high with completely barred communication with the outside world as they compete to win the grand prize of $750,000.

Janelle Pierzina Leaks Exciting News About Big Brother 24

Yes, the latest season’s cast reveal comes a tad later than fans expected. Luckily, Janelle Pierzina, a former houseguest, just might have leaked some amazing news. Several fans have posted their disappointment on social media regarding the delay of the BB24 cast announcement. With the season premiere on July 6, it is understandable that viewers are antsy about the participant list.

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However, it seems like the show’s producers do have plans in place that don’t entail announcing the cast list until the premiere day is close.

Big Brother Alum Janelle Excited For The Cast Reveal

Four-time Big Brother participant Janelle Pierzina recently posted on Twitter breaking big news about the reality show. Although her revelations aren’t officially confirmed by the show, Janelle has been known to be close to the reality show for a couple of years.

Fans first got to know Janelle as a cast member of Big Brother 6. After her amazing stay on her the show, she managed to win over many fans. Given her popularity with Big Brother fans, she was re-invited for Big Brother 7 (Big Brother All-Stars). This was followed by the reappearance in Big Brother 14 & finally Big Brother 22 (Big Brother All-Stars 2).

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In her post, Janelle mentioned that she received a tip that the official cast reveal is to happen tomorrow. She added that she could not wait to get a glimpse of the cast list & pick her pre-season favorites. The post received a lot of interaction from show fans.

Big Brother 24 Comes With An All-New Cast

However, an update by CBS confirmed that the cast release date for Big Brother 24 had been pushed back. Moreover, the live feed start time for the reality show was also shifted. But, the subscribers can tune in for some added fun via Paramount+. This would also give the viewers more insights into the show’s brand new cast.

As per Monsters & Critics, BB24 is all about new people cast as houseguests. So, fans will surely get to enjoy some new faces. A brand new season without known faces would be an interesting setup for fans to get to know new personalities. It also gives a quick sneak peek of what fans can expect for summer 2023’s Big Brother 25.

So, do not forget to tune in at 8/7c on July 6 as Big Brother 24 premieres with a brand new cast on CBS. Are you excited about BB24’s cast? Let us know in the comments!


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