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The Most Controversial Winners ‘Big Brother’ Has Ever Seen

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Nick Davis

Over 23 regular seasons and two celebrity seasons, Big Brother has accumulated a large roster of winners. Amongst those names comes victorious strategic players and manipulative social players. Many have fanbases that appreciate their games and personalities for various reasons. But a few winners have more haters than fans. Some winners have built up quite a bit of controversy around their victory. The reasons for this vary, so let’s take a look at these winners to determine what about their games is not respected by the diehard Big Brother fandom.

Jackson Michie

Jackson is the winner of Big Brother Season 21. Overall, he had a strong social game involving a lot of manipulation of the, frankly, weak cast he was playing against. Nobody denies he has competency as a player. But, he accrued controversy throughout his season for multiple other reasons.

The first being the racism allegations levied against himself and his closest partners Holly and Jack. With them in control of the season from the beginning, the cast members of color all went home at the very beginning one after the other. This paired with a comment about “rice” made about Asian house guest Isabella Wang make the allegations seem like infuriating realities. The second reason is production assistance. Jackson was caught on multiple occasions sneaking food into the showers when he was a have-not. Usually, there are penalties for this type of behavior. But Jackson made it to the end of the game with no punishment for breaking the rules making his win feel like one he didn’t truly earn.

Josh Martinez

Josh Martinez won Big Brother Season 19. His controversy isn’t from anything particularly malicious like Jackson’s racism and production interference controversies. In contrast, Josh is a controversial winner for having nothing of note at all. He was a decent physical player, but his strategy and social games were non-existent. His victory came entirely from a salty jury that wasn’t fond of Josh’s close partner and the one who carried Josh to the end, Paul. A win like that just doesn’t feel very genuine to most fans. Although some argue that Josh’s strategy is one similar to Natalie White in Survivor: Samoa, which many consider an underrated game.

Evel Dick Via YouTube
“Evel” Dick Via YouTube


Evel Dick

Strangely enough, many more casual viewers are a fan of Big Brother Season 13 winner “Evel” Dick Donato. Hardcore fans have a very different opinion about the man. Primarily because there are multiple occasions where, by all means, he should have lost. The “America’s Player” twist that many fans despise saved him on multiple occasions. And he even admitted to cheating on the final HoH challenge that secured his place in the finale. Pair that with a flurry of sexist comments thrown at female players Dick didn’t like throughout the season and you have someone many diehard fans prefer to ignore ever existed.

Big Brother Returns

Will the upcoming winner of Celebrity Big Brother 3 go down as one of the greatest winners of all time? Or one of the worst? Only time will tell. The season kicks off on February 2.

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