Ryan & Trista Sutter Share Struggles, How Lyme Disease Took Over Their Life

Ryan and Trista Sutter via Insta

There seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel for The Bachelorette stars Ryan and Trista Sutter. Ryan mysteriously got ill in 2020 and it took months for doctors to discover what was ailing him. With Trista by his side, the couple tackled medical test after medical test until finally he was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Now, nearly a year later he’s on the road to recovery and opening up about what has worked for him and all the struggles they’ve faced through it all.

Ryan and Trista Sutter open up about his illness

People shared what Ryan and Trista Sutter had to say about everything they’ve gone through. When Ryan first started having symptoms he was tired and his body hurt. Doctors began running tests and could not find the source of his illness. It wasn’t until nearly a year later he was diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

Ryan said, “For so long, I was only thinking about how to survive the day.” He continued, “But I feel like my life is coming back. And that’s been really encouraging.”

Ryan Sutter via Instagram

It all got so bad for Ryan that he began sleeping 16 plus hours a day. He had no energy and was in pain. It seriously took over his life and of course, affected his family as well. Ryan said, “It took over my life I’d always felt like I could persevere through anything. But I couldn’t persevere through this. I never got to the point where I thought I’d rather be dead. But I could sympathize with people who would rather kill themselves than live through something.”

Trista noted how hard it was for her and the kids to watch him go through it all.

Ryan and Trista Sutter via insta

His diagnosis and what is working for him

Once they finally were able to figure out that Ryan was suffering from Lyme Disease, they also found he had mold in his body. This was adding to the disease and making it worse because it weakens the body’s immune system. The mold is thought to likely be from his years of firefighting.

Ryan has found a treatment strategy that is working for him. He is doing infrared sauna therapy and also bee venom therapy. The sauna is thought to help detoxify the body. The bee venom weakens the bacteria. How does he get the venom? Ryan stings himself with honeybees every three days.

He was recently set to appear on Good Morning America to discuss his diagnosis and what is working for him. However, his appearance was canceled when the show said they were not allowed to show unconventional medical treatments not approved. So, they refused to air his story.

Ryan says he is finally feeling better and appreciating the little things in life.

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