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‘GMA’ Bails On Ryan Sutter, Refuses To Air His Story

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Ryan Sutter has been a member of Bachelor Nation for a long time. His wife Trista was the very first Bachelorette. She chose the Vail, Colorado firefighter and they were engaged on her season finale. They married and went on to have two beautiful children. They still live in Vail and have stuck together through thick and thin. Their latest obstacle has been Ryan’s mysterious illness that has plagued him for months. He finally discovered the cause and was set to appear on Good Morning America to discuss what he does for treatment. However, GMA bailed on him. Keep reading to find out why.

GMA bailed on Ryan Sutter, Why?

Ryan Sutter went to Instagram to share that he was set to appear on Good Morning America to discuss his Lyme disease diagnosis. However, in a last-minute decision by GMA, they bailed on Ryan and didn’t allow him to appear and share his story.

Ryan shared a video and began his caption saying, “I was supposed to be on @goodmorningamerica this week. The appearance was slated to be an opportunity to tell the story of dealing with a chronic illness – recognizing it, difficulties in diagnosis and the long, arduous road to discovering relief.”

He went on to say, “A couple of days prior to shooting the piece, GMA cancelled the opportunity. It seems GMA strictly adheres to American Medical Association policies and those policies do not recognize Lyme as a chronic condition, nor do they believe Infrared Sauna or Bee Venom Therapy (something I’ve found value in through @thehealhive) to be valid forms of treatment.”

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He continued explaining his stance

Ryan went on to say that he too often wonders about Lyme being a chronic disease himself. He referred to other diseases that seem to be a “catch-all” such as irritable bowel or chronic fatigue. Syndromes or diseases that will require lifeline pharmaceutical or supplemental needs.

He went on to say, “Out of desperation, as so many others do, I subscribed to a battery of expensive supplements, consultations and tests – draining our savings and creating feelings of guilt and stress.”

Ryan continued saying things didn’t change until he took a minute to step back and let his body try to heal itself. When he did this he started to feel somewhat better. He said “Saunas and the Heal Hive protocols” really helped him with the process of trying to regroup and reset.  He pointed out that is not a miracle cure. Ryan did say it is a holistic approach to life and that is the current path he has chosen.

Ryan concluded his post by saying, “The cancellation by GMA epitomizes everything that makes chronic illness so difficult but it should not discourage us from exploring every available course of treatment – American Medical Association sanctioned or not…”

Ryan Sutter via Insta

Ryan’s diagnosis

It took months of testing and worrisome moments to finally realize that Ryan has Lyme disease. For those unfamiliar with the disease, Lyme is caused by being bit by an infected tick.

When Ryan finally learned of his diagnosis he revealed it was triggered by high levels of mold. He had been exposed to too many toxins, including mold and it weakened his immune system.

Today, he’s doing better after figuring out what was causing his issues. He revealed the diagnosis to the world nearly a year ago.

What do you think about GMA bailing on Ryan?

Have you had or do you know someone with Lyme disease?

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  1. The way that chronic Lyme sufferers are treated in this country is a crime. Let’s throw a billion dollars at Covid and Covid Long Haulers, and ignore the hundreds of thousands of our own citizens who are and have been suffering for years spending thousands of their dollars on anything they can try that might help their pain and horrible symptoms. I don’t understand why the AMA refuses to acknowledge this terrible affliction. Well, maybe I do, and I’m guessing it’s all politics.

  2. Everything is political these days. Why would you not want to share his story? If he is feeling better it is worth sharing. Shame on you GMA.

  3. Ryan your awesome! I’m so glad Trista picked you and not Charlie. You are shining a bright light on Lyme disease! Thank you

  4. Wow! What a shame! So unless it is sanctioned by the holy AMA we can’t hear or talk about it on a morning talk show? That’s ridiculous! I certainly hope he searches other avenues like Dr. Phil, Inside Edition, other talk/news shows etc to get his healing journey out there. God forbid(AMA) it might help someone or even save a life.

    1. Do you think for a moment that other shows won’t cancel on him as well? You are deluded if you think they will allow him to show the public there are possible non-prescription/supplements alternatives to healing. To do so, will disrupt the $$$billions Pharma is making off of keeping millions of people chronically ill. Just imagine if the majority of people were healthy and not in need of meds western intervention…the medical establishment and pharma will essentially seize to exist.

  5. The vast numbers of people suffering with Lyme and its latent effects should carry some significant influence. Lymedidease.org has some information that’s helpful. There are two organizations in opposition of one another out there. Read their information and join the one you believe in. Let’s give this the attention numbers it needs to get something done!

  6. I was diagnosed with late/chronic Lyme disease in 2011 after going to several Drs including an infectious disease Dr who told me I didn’t have Lyme, that I had fibromyalgia. At this point I was living in my recliner because I couldn’t walk!! I finally found a LLMD certified Dr in 2011 and was put on oral and IV antibiotics for over 2 years and it definitely helped but 2 years later it came back and I looked into Bee Venom therapy and decided to go that route!! It was so different and I knew it was going to be a 2-3 years of stinging but I wanted to feel better and didn’t want it to come back!! I did the BVT for about 2 and half years and my Lyme hasn’t come back!! The government stops the medical community to the point they don’t even want to deal with Lyme for fear their license will be pulled. BVT worked for me but I’m not a Dr and not giving medical advice. Do your research and make your own decisions!!

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