‘Storage Wars’ Brandi Passante Ends Up With IV, What Happened?

Storage Wars Brandi Passante Ends Up With IV, What Happened? [Happening Now With Hammer | YouTube]

Storage Wars star Brandi Passante ended up with an IV in her arm. Fans are concerned and want to know if she’s okay. Read on to learn more about her recent social media posts and to find out what happened to her.

Brandi Passante recently went bar-hopping

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Brandi Passante spent most of the month bar-hopping. She hit up some of the local joints in time. The television personality first went to The Hula Girls bar. She had some drinks while she made an appearance on the Spikes Cocktail Hour podcast.

Not only that, but Brandi Passante wanted to show off her impressive bartending skills. A few days later, she was spotted at Cassidy’s Bar & Grill. One eagle-eyed fan caught her behind the bar making drinks for the patrons. The reality star didn’t maintain a low profile. Rather, Brandi put herself out there as she talked to the patrons and gave them their drink of choice.

Brandi Passante Loves To Drink [Brandi Passante | Instagram]
[Brandi Passante | Instagram]

Storage Wars fans are concerned about her drinking

Last summer, fans were concerned about Brandi Passante’s drinking. Some of her followers noticed that she spent most of her time drinking. She sparked concern when she shared many photos of herself with a huge bottle of booze during that time. Brandi loves to share photos and clips on Instagram whenever she’s having a good time with friends.

However, some fans didn’t see anything funny about her posts. They were concerned that she was drinking herself into oblivion. Others have questioned the state of Brandi’s liver, especially since she loves to drink as much as possible. However, it’s hard to tell how much Brandi drinks and if she does it every weekend or every day, even.

Brandi Passante shares health update on Instagram

Brandi Passante shocked fans with a health update on Instagram. She took to her Instagram Stories to share a photo of herself with an IV in her arm. Brandi captioned the photo: “I went from this…” Then she followed up with a photo of her bruised inner arm.

“To this 😣,” she added. Brandi didn’t provide any other context for her Instagram Stories. She probably has her fans concerned about her yet again. But, it doesn’t look like they have to worry since she’s not in the hospital.

Brandi Passante's IV [Brandi Passante | Instagram Stories]
[Brandi Passante | Instagram Stories]
It looks like Brandi wanted to get some much-needed TLC this weekend. The IV looks like a hydration bag. She probably needed some extra hydration, especially since most parts of the country have been so hot lately. Brandi is putting her health first by taking good care of herself.

Brandi Passante IV Instagram Story [Brandi Passante | Instagram Stories]
[Brandi Passante | Instagram Stories]
What are your thoughts on Brandi Passante’s latest Instagram Stories? What do you think of her drinking habits? Do you think they’re out of control? Sound off below in the comment section.

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