‘Storage Wars’ Fans Express Concern For Brandi Passante’s Liver

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Is Storage Wars queen Brandi Passante throwing a few too many back? Some of her Instagram followers are starting to grow concerned.

Passante took to Instagram a few days ago to share a snap of her celebrating a friend’s birthday. The post featured herself and her gorgeous blonde friend. The duo were dressed for a night on the town.

Brandi rocked a stunning black halter top. And, her friend donned a cheetah print halter top.

They were sitting at the booth of a fancy looking eatery called Mastro’s Steakhouse. On the table in front of them was a dessert platter. “Happy Birthday” was written across the platter in syrup. The platter had a layered cake and some sort of cookie ice cream sundae with strawberry syrup lathered on top. It also appeared as if the eatery sprinkled fruit on either side of the desserts.

While neither Passante or her friend appeared to have touched the desserts, they notably had their hands wrapped around their drinks. It looked to be a booze-filled evening as the ladies had two glasses as well as two wine glasses sitting in front of them.

Storage Wars fans question the state of Brandi Passante’s liver

Anyone who has followed Brandi Passante on Instagram as of late know a few things to be true. For starters, she’s been enjoying a lot of trips, vacations, and cruises. Secondly, Jarrod Schulz is not present in any of the photos. Third, a lot of her snaps have featured herself enjoying booze.

“I just want to know hows your liver doing?” One follower penned in the comments of the snapshot.

A second chimed in echoing the question above: “Thought the same thing since all she seems to be doing is drinking.”


Unfortunately for the concerned Storage Wars fans, Brandi Passante did not respond.

It was less than a month ago that Brandi posted a snapshot of herself showing off her toned legs in a tiny black dress while posing with a champagne vending machine. In the comments of this snap, her followers voiced similar concerns.


Some noted she appeared to be going through some sort of midlife crisis.

Where is Jarrod, Anyway?

The other big question that tends to make its way in the comments of every single thing Brandi posts on Instagram is a very simple question. Where is Jarrod?

While the end of their relationship has never been confirmed, Tv Shows Ace has reported multiple times that the duo appears to have moved on from each other. Jarrod is never featured in any of Brandi’s snaps. Moreover, he does not appear to be going on vacations, trips, or cruises with her anymore.


Notably, there is also a new man that may be in her life as he’s started popping up in several snaps. Storage Wars fans have also taken notice of the mystery man as they’ve started questioning who he might be.

Do you think Brandi is drinking too much? Sound off in the comments down below.

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