‘Storage Wars:’ Brandi Passante CAUGHT, Doing What?

Storage Wars: Brandi Passante CAUGHT, Doing What? [Brandi Passante | Instagram]

Brandi Passante has been caught red-headed. Fans might be shocked to learn about her secret skill. Read on to see what the Storage Wars star has been up to lately.

Storage Wars star goes bar-hopping

The A&E star has been bar hopping lately. Last week, Brandi Passante took to Instagram to share a photo of herself enjoying a drink. She loves to captivate fans with her flirty and suggestive photos. In a recent Instagram post, she wraps her lips around a long straw from her cocktail of choice.

“Sippin’ on a little sugar on Spikes Cocktail Hour on @youtube @thehulagirls,” Brandi Passante captioned the Instagram post.

Brandi Passante wore a neutral-colored dress for the occasion. She previously took to her Instagram Stories to share another photo of herself nearly busting out of the tiny shift. The reality star spent her time at The Hula Girls bar. Not only did she enjoy the drinks, but she also took part in their live show.

Brandi Passante Drinks At The Hula Girls [Brandi Passante | Instagram]
[Brandi Passante | Instagram]
The Hula Girls was the first to comment on Brandi’s Instagram post. They wrote, “You were so fun on the show!” What made the show even more fun is that the bubbly TV star enjoyed some of the drinks they have on the menu. The Hula Girls posted a sneak peek of the live show on their respective Instagram account.

However, Brandi Passante’s male followers weren’t interested in what she was drinking. They were more fixated on her good looks. Brandi amassed quite an impressive Instagram following thanks to her curves, bright personality, and sexy photos. She’s also been bar-hopping a lot lately.

Once again, she hit up another bar this week. She shocked fans with her skills. Brandi has been making good use of her downtime. She’s not on Storage Wars as much these days, which gives her plenty of time to have fun.

Brandi Passante shows off her skills

A Storage Wars fan named Dave was the first to share this photo of Brandi Passante at Cassidy’s Bar & Grill. He caught the television personality in the wild, making drinks behind the bar. This was a dream come true for their male bar patrons. Their favorite star served them the drink of their choice.

In the photo, Brandi Passante wore a black blouse with bellowed sleeves. She wore her long blonde hair down in styled waves. She looked like she was at home behind the bar. The Happening Now with Hammer podcast co-host already knew how to mix up this drink.

The caption reads: “Caught @brandipassante in the wild makin’ them ‘Mexican Candy’ shots w tabasco.” Brandi Passante reposted the photo on her Instagram Stories. Who knew that she could make a mean drink?

Brandi Passante Caught [Brandi Passante | Instagram Stories]
[Brandi Passante | Instagram Stories]
What are your thoughts on Brandi Passante making drinks? Would you want her to be your bartender? What’s your favorite cocktail? Share your thoughts with us below in the comment section.

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