'Teen Mom' Fans Slam Chelsea Houska For Photoshopping Kid Again? [MTV | YouTube]

‘Teen Mom’ Fans Slam Chelsea Houska For Photoshopping Kid Again?

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Teen Mom fans slammed Chelsea Houska for Photoshopping her kid again. She quickly pulled down the photo from her Instagram Story shortly after the controversy happened. “Fuming” fans caught her “editing and filtering” a photo of her child. Recently, the 30-year-old took to her Instagram Stories to show off a major life update.

Chelsea wanted to share a photo of her smiling daughter, Layne DeBoer. The new photo showed her little one looking up at the camera as she held a potted plant in her hand. She wore a colorful T-shirt with gray shorts. But, fans noticed something funny about the photo.

Read on to learn more about the backlash and to see the photo for yourself.

Chelsea Houska Photoshopping Controversy [MTV | YouTube]
[MTV | YouTube]

Chelsea Houska caught editing her daughter?

Over the weekend, the former Teen Mom 2 star shared the adorable snapshot. Layne looked pleased with her planting skills. She also wore colorful Crocs, which finished off her super-appropriate look. However, fans aren’t happy with Chelsea Houska’s Instagram Story.

They noticed that the colors looked off. They noticed that the plant appeared darker while Layne’s skin color looked lighter than usual. It’s unclear whether she used a filter since it doesn’t say in the lefthand corner. This isn’t the first time that Chelsea Houska has been caught Photoshopping images of her children.

Chelsea Houska Under Fire [YouTube]
Chelsea and her husband Cole DeBoer are also the parents of daughter Walker, one, and son Watson, five. She also shares a 12-year-old daughter Aubree with her former baby daddy, Adam Lind. Teen Mom fans argued that it’s a “bad parenting” decision to alter the appearance of her children.

They feel that it will affect them when they’re older. Per The Sun, here are just some of the comments about Chelsea Houska’s latest Instagram Story:

  • “Chelsea always puts filters and edits on her photos. I’d love to see a natural-unfiltered photo of her kids.”
  • “This one is nearly as bad. She should look normal.”
  • “Shouldn’t Layne be all dirty from doing things like gardening? Why did she edit the dirt out?”
  • “Why is she photoshopping her kid? Chelsea doesn’t care about anything outside of her own bubble. It’s been proven time and time again.”

The Teen Mom backlash continues

This isn’t the only backlash that Chelsea Houska has gotten lately. Fans were previously outraged that she sold her “cheap clothes” at “outrageous” prices. Some of them argued that she must be “mistaken.” Chelsea sells exclusive clothing and accessories from her Laurie Belles boutique, which is based out of South Dakota.

Chelsea Houska's Photo Of Layne DeBoer [Chelsea Houska | Instagram Stories]
[Chelsea Houska | Instagram Stories]
She’s been slammed for jacking up the prices of her apparel and home collection. Fans noticed that similar online retailers sell the same items for cheaper prices. Others think the items she picks are “cheap-looking.” That hasn’t stopped her from the way she runs her online business.

What are your thoughts on this latest controversy with Chelsea Houska editing her kids’ photos? Do you think she used a filter? Sound off below in the comment section.

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