Chelsea Houska Ripped For Costly Home Decor [Credit: Chelsea Houska/Instagram]

Hard Up For Cash? Chelsea Houska RIPPED For Costly Home Decor

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Teen Mom fans accused Chelsea Houska of ripping off her fans. They noticed that her home decor costs double compared to other retailers. She even sells similar items. For example, Chelsea sold a table runner on her website that costs twice what other retailers are asking for.

The reality star has her own home decor brand called Aubree Says. According to the website, the company offers “stylish and family-friendly decor.” Yet, most of these pieces can be found at other online retailers. Shoppers are smart and they will often do comparison shopping before making a purchase.

Teen Mom star accused of ripping off fans

On Friday, January 28, one fan took to the Teen Mom subreddit to share screenshots from Chelsea Houska’s home decor website. They couldn’t help but notice that most of her products are double the price of other retailers. The table runner for sale on Aubree Says costs $56. Amazon sells that same item for $21.99 or $24.99.

“Just a cautionary post about buying from Aubree Says,” the user wrote. “Left is Amazon, right is Aubree Says.”

The fan had the screenshots to prove it. Some of the fans took to the comment section to share their thoughts. They accused Chelsea Houska of ripping off her fans. Others had to wonder if she was that hard up for money.

  • “Nice try Chelsea are you really that hard up for lip filler like a baboons a**!”
  • “Did people think she was knitting them herself??? This is exactly what boutique owners do.”
  • “I smell a second lawsuit.”
  • “Lol @ anyone buying anything from these trash bags…”

However, there were some Chelsea Houska defenders. Some of them claimed that it’s common practice among boutiques. Others argued that it’s not like she’s making these items herself. She finds whatever is trendy and sells them on her website.

Chelsea Houska And Cole DeBoer [Credit: Chelsea Houska/Instagram]
[Credit: Chelsea Houska/Instagram]

Chelsea Houska’s brand faced issues before

This isn’t the first complaint about Chelsea Houska’s company. One customer claimed that they had to return an item that arrived broken in the mail. That person took to Reddit to share the photos of the Leather Wrapped Vase they received. They claim that Aubree Says “should have been packaged better.”

The customer shared that “the confirmation emails to me were not responsive, and the support links on the website were not responsive.” The refund policy is not that great. While Aubree Says welcomes returns, they only want items that are in good condition.

Chelsea Houska Ripping Off Fans? [Screenshots: Amazon And Aubree Says]
[Screenshots: Amazon And Aubree Says]
Chelsea Houska and her husband Cole DeBoer were hit with legal problems before. A consulting company called Envy sued them for $3 million for withholding money made from social media promotions. In their counterclaim, Chelsea and Cole alleged that Envy withheld $150,000 from them. Their legal case has been ongoing.

What are your thoughts on Aubree Says? Do you think Chelsea Houska should be called out for charging double? Have you ever purchased from her store? Sound off below in the comment section.

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