Chelsea DeBoer Looks ‘Unrecognizable’ With ‘Fillers’

Chelsea DeBoer Looks 'Unrecognizable' With 'Fillers' [Credit: Chelsea DeBoer/Instagram]

Teen Mom fans claim Chelsea DeBoer looks “unrecognizable” with all the “fillers” she’s gotten over the years. She took to social media to show a nifty beauty trick. However, fans couldn’t help but notice how different she looks these days. Some even claimed that they didn’t recognize her.

They were in shock over her appearance in the new video she published on Instagram. The 30-year-old showed her followers how to use eyelash extensions. She admitted that she’s not an expert on these types of extensions. Yet, fans think Chelsea looks different these days and it’s not because of her eyelash extensions but because of her “fillers.”

Chelsea DeBoers holds makeup session

The former Teen Mom 2 star took to her Instagram Stories to let her followers in on her beauty secret. As fans know, she loves to wear eyelash extensions. In the new video, Chelsea wore a gray hooded sweatshirt with a dark red knit beanie. Fans claimed the reality star was “unrecognizable” in the video since her lips appeared fuller than usual.

She demonstrated how to use eyelash extensions. Chelsea admitted that she only wore them “once before.” Her extensions stayed on for “a couple of days.” However, the MTV star didn’t want her extensions to “look natural.” Teen Mom fans do not like her fake look. They think she should embrace her natural beauty more.

Teen Mom Chelsea Houska editing photos feature
[Credit: Chelsea DeBoer/Instagram]
Most of them couldn’t stop focusing on her face. Some of them were not happy with her video because her lips were a distraction. Most of the fans took to the Teen Mom Reddit to share their thoughts on the new video. Some of them accused Chelsea of getting too many “fillers” over the years.

  • “I never would have guessed that’s her.”
  • “She’s unrecognizable. This makes me sad.”
  • “I’m not trying to insult her but the fillers have changed the look of her face so much. I wish she would realize this is all so unnecessary.”
  • “Her fillers are making her face look longer and bring the focus down to her mouth area, which is too wide now because of the fillers.”
  • “She looks nothing like her old self.”
Chelsea DeBoer [Credit: Chelsea DeBoer/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Chelsea DeBoer/Instagram Stories]

Teen Mom star reached “filler territory”

In December 2021, Chelsea shared a photo of herself wearing a cute sweater and jeans set. However, fans on Reddit claimed that she looked “older” in the photo. They told her to “stop getting fillers and Botox.” It’s clear that Chelsea has changed a lot from her 16 & Pregnant Days.

She could look different because of age. However, some fans think she aged “15 years overnight.” Others claim that she’s “starting to veer into melting face migrating filler territory.” In November 2021, the reality star was accused of using “too much botox” and was advised to lay off the eyelash extensions.

Chelsea DeBoer Unrecognizable Video [Credit: Chelsea DeBoer/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Chelsea DeBoer/Instagram Stories]
She’s also been slammed for wearing too much makeup and caking it on. Chelsea also faced backlash over her home, which she shares with her husband Cole DeBoer, and their four kids. Yet, she’s never addressed this recent backlash. The couple is focused on their farm in South Dakota.

What are your thoughts on Chelsea’s latest video? Do you agree that she’s gotten too many fillers? Sound off below in the comment section. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Chelsea DeBoer.

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