‘Love Island’ Alum Remi Lambert Reveals Unaired Villa Fights?

'Love Island' Alum Remi Lambert Reveals Unaired Villa Fights? [ITV2]

Love Island alum Remi Lambert revealed the unaired villa fights. He also called out the bully of the villa. In a new interview, Remi slammed Jacques O’Neill for making his time in the villa feel like “s***.” Earlier this week, Remi was dumped alongside fellow islander Afia Tonkmore.

He admitted that more happened on the show than what fans got to see. Remi hinted that the ITV2 show didn’t show his fights with Jacques in the villa. He blamed Jacques for agitating the other islanders and making them side with him. The 22-year-old took part in a new interview with his Afia to discuss their time in the Majorcan villa.

Remi Lambert Hated Time On Love Island [iTV2]

Remi Lambert calls out “bully” Jacques O’Neill

The former Love Island contestant blames Jacques for the terrible time he had in the villa. He admitted that Jacques made it difficult because of his shady ways. Remi said his time in the villa was “s***” because of their constant fights. But those arguments didn’t end up on the latest episodes of Love Island.

Remi blamed Jacques for getting the boys to side with him. He found himself alone and having to “stick up for” himself. During his appearance on the YouTube series Reality with Will Njobvu, Remi was reflective about his time on Love Island Season 8.

Remi Lambert Interview [Reality with Will Njobvu | YouTube]
[Reality with Will Njobvu | YouTube]
“There was a lot of stuff that wasn’t aired — a lot of stuff going on,” Remi said. “So basically — me and Jacques got into quite a lot of arguments and it just made my experience s***. It ruined it for me. People were saying, ‘It’s because he’s got a rugby persona’ – but you can’t treat people like that.”

Remi continued to clap back at Jacques in the interview. He called him out for making fun of his fellow Islanders. There were moments when Jacques would “mimic” Remi, and start fights between them. Remi had to remind himself that he’s tough because of where he came from.

“He was just trying to get onto to me,” Remi continued. “It was like, ‘Hi, I’m Remi, I’m hard and I’m from Manny,’ it was just so jarring.”

Afia Tonkmor & Remi Lambert Interview [Reality with Will Njobvu | YouTube]
[Reality with Will Njobvu | YouTube]

ITV2 didn’t show the fights on Love Island Season 8

The former Love Island contestant realize he was on his own when he had to defend himself. At that point, Jacques had everyone gang up against Remi. Some Love Island fans agreed with him and noticed that Jacques was given a “good edit” on the dating series.

“Remi basically confirming in an interview that Jacques is a bully and mocks the Islanders constantly,” that fan wrote. “Producers giving Jacques a good edit.”

Jacques has been called a bully before. Love Island fans noticed the way he and Luca Bish treated Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu. They also noticed how upset Remi looked when he was dumped from the villa. Host Laura Whitmore asked him to perform his signature rap before he left, but he struggled to remember it. Remi looked like he was on the verge of tears.

What are your thoughts on Remi’s revelations about Jacques? Do you agree that he’s a bully? Do you think the producers of Love Island and ITV2 should’ve aired the fights? Sound off below in the comment section.

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