‘Love Island’ Fans Disgusted Over Dami Hope & Luca Bish Confessions

'Love Island' Fans Disgusted Over Dami Hope & Luca Bish Confessions [Love Island | YouTube]

Love Island fans are disgusted over Dami Hope and Luca Bish’s confessions. Some of them are grossed out after they made a shocking TMI admission on “Unseen Bits.” During Saturday’s episode, the two men discussed some of their grossest habits. They shifted the conversation to boogers.

Dami admitted that he ate his own snots. He wanted to know what they tasted like, so he was curious. He even picked his ex-girlfriend’s nose for her. The conversation shifted when Luca admitted that he tried one of his former girlfriend’s boogers. Their conversation left a bad taste in the viewers’ mouths.

Some of them took to Twitter to slam the disgusting moment.

Love Island: Dami Hope Loves Boggers [Love Island | YouTube]
[Love Island | YouTube]

Love Island boys share TMI confession

Dami and Luca compared notes on their nauseating habits on the latest episode of Love Island. Dami said he picked a girl’s nose because she didn’t think he would actually do it. Luca then asked Dami if he ate her booger. He admitted to doing so and called it a “bonding” experience. At first, he said it only tasted “alright.”

Then Dami admitted that it was “normal” tasting, adding, “It was a little bit salty.” Love Island fans were sickened by their conversation. They wished the show had left it out of the segment. Some of them took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

  • “I knew boys were bad but after that chat between Demi and Luca I actually am going to be f***ing sick.”
  • “Dami & Luca’s conversation needs to be DELETED from my brain! IMMEDIATELY!!!”
  • “The bogey convo could’ve been left unseen.”
  • “Not Dami out here eating girls bogeys.”

Popular dating series axed “gross” challenge

Luca and Dami’s confessions made the best grossest part of the season. Love Island UK Season 8 returned earlier this month. So far, it’s been pretty dramatic. The dating series still has very strict rules. For example, the islanders aren’t allowed to eat during filming.

Also, the showrunners axed one challenge that was dubbed “gross” by Love Island fans. Executive producer Mike Spencer revealed in a Reddit Q&A that they axed the food challenges. Those challenges showed the islanders spitting food in each other’s mouths.

“Why the spitting food challenges. I beg youse to stop, such a waste of food!” one Love Island fan asked. “I really think doing challenges with incentives or couple building activities that would be so much better.”

Love Island End Food Challenges [Love Island | YouTube]
[Love Island | YouTube]
“We are moving away from the food challenges as previously seen so hopefully that sorts that one,” Mike responded, as quoted by Mirror.co.uk.

When the islanders take a break to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they will eat in an area of the villa that’s off-camera. They’re also not allowed to discuss anything related to the show during that time. So, they will have to make light conversation about the food or the weather. The islanders make their own breakfast, while the Love Island production crew will cater lunch and dinner.

Thoughts on Season 8 of Love Island? What did you think of Luca and Dami’s gross conversation? Are you glad they got rid of the food challenges? Sound off below in the comment section.

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