Nothing Left Of Wendy Williams Day After Finale, All Wiped Clean? [YouTube\

Nothing Left Of Wendy Williams Day After Finale, All Wiped Clean?


The Wendy Williams set is completely bare. It no longer looks like it once was. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, the production crew made a clean sweep of the set. Production discarded her memorabilia like her big purple chair and wigs like it was trash. They didn’t waste time after the show ended on Friday, June 17.

They even removed the giant billboard from outside her studio. It’s as if Wendy’s show never happened. Fans blame producers for moving forward without her. She took a break from her namesake talk show to deal with her ongoing health battle. However, the show took it upon itself to replace Wendy Williams with Sherri Shepherd.

Wendy Williams Set Wiped Clean [YouTube]

The Wendy Williams Show billboard was taken down

What’s left of The Wendy Williams Show is no longer. The studio is bare from the inside out. Check out the photo of her NYC studios here, courtesy of The Sun. Even the large photo displayed on the front of 26 Street in Manhattan was removed on Monday, June 20, just a few days after the show ended.

Sadly, the photo of a smiling Wendy Williams is no longer there. The studio officially went dark on Friday, much to the chagrin of fans. They didn’t like the rushed tribute made to the original show host. Most of them complained about the producers for doing her dirty. Production wants to remove all traces of Wendy Williams from the studio.

Wendy Williams Studio Officially Gone [YouTube]
On Friday, her show ended after 14 years. She changed daytime television forever after she ruled broadcast radio for years. An insider close to production told The Sun that even her memorabilia was immediately thrown out a day after filming the finale. They don’t have any plans to keep her belongings.

Wendy Williams didn’t have time to fetch them herself. However, she didn’t want to return to the studio anyway. She refused to make an appearance because of what they did to her show. For months, Wendy has teased a return to television, but she hasn’t announced anything yet.

Fans claim disrespect

Fans are not liking the way that the show has treated Wendy Williams. They hoped that they would see her for one last time. For the entire season, a series of celebrity guest hosts have filled in for her, including Sherri Shepherd, who eventually won ratings and took over. Sherri shared her love and support for her predecessor but the feeling hasn’t been mutual.

Wendy Williams Disrepected [YouTube]
Now, fans think the iconic host has been disrespected by her own employees. They think it’s not right that she couldn’t make her grand entrance through the curtains for the final time. Wendy Williams is currently in hiding. She hasn’t spoken out about the end of her show.

She has a lot to deal with at the moment. Wendy is still in the midst of a legal battle over her frozen bank accounts. She claimed that Wells Fargo won’t let her access her funds, which is costing her financial problems. Until then, she will figure out her big return to television.

What do you think of the way producers treated Wendy Williams? Do you agree that it’s not right? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. It’s a Shame don’t worry Wendy I will make sure I will follow you wherever you go cause I’ve been a true fan of yours since your radio days. And for what they did to you there not going to last on what they do in future give it 1 season they be canceled and we be laughing at them talking about the bitches Debmark or how ever you spell it.

  2. How can a television production fire an employee who has known medical concerns? Sounds like a lawsuit in the makings or a settlement only if Wendy and her attorneys agree to the terms.
    Wendy, do a podcast and tell us what really happened to your show!
    Sherri Shepherd doesn’t come across as devious or calculating to take over and win her own show, but I feel that the producers/network are using Sherri against Wendy for whatever reason or so it seems.

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