Does Kody Brown Only Have His Wives For Childbearing Purposes?

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Sister Wives fans have pretty strong opinions about Kody Brown. But is it possible that he’s really just using his wives?

There’s a new Reddit thread that suggests Kody is really just using his wives for the purpose of childbearing. Keep reading to see what online fans had to say about the situation.

Sister Wives fans online think Kody Brown just uses his wives

Kody Brown has made many questionable decisions over the years. And fans know that he doesn’t always listen to his wives’ wishes before he acts. So if he doesn’t really care about their needs, why does he have multiple wives in the first place?

Sister Wives/TLC

The family patriarch has always adamantly stated that plural marriage is a core part of his religious beliefs. However, he doesn’t really seem to care for his wives, aside from Robyn Brown.

Now, online fans think that Kody may only be interested in his wives until they leave their childbearing years.

“Kody discards wives once they are done with child bearing,” one Reddit user wrote online. “I had an epiphany rewatching this show, and finding out Kody has not been intimate with Meri in over a decade. I am sure it wasn’t like that with the other wives? … He discarded Christine later on. Janelle he doesn’t need to, because she doesn’t need him. Why does he discard them? I truly believe that when the wives no longer want or can have children with him, he discards them like trash. He is a true narcissist.”

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“There’s a tiktoker I watch (can’t remember her name) who grew up in their group and knows them,” another Redditor replied. “She basically confirmed this. She said that once a woman is done getting pregnant then she is expected to work to financially support herself and any kids at home and taken out of the husband’s nighttime rotation. Put out to pasture basically.”

Based on your own Sister Wives observations, do you think there is any merit to their claims? Be sure to leave your own thoughts in the comments.

Does the family patriarch neglect emotional needs too?

Other Sister Wives fans discuss how Kody Brown may be neglecting his wives’ needs. And if he just plans to “retire” them when they leave their childbearing years, this does make sense. According to Reddit, each of Kody’s wives have a different love language. And he just never seems able or willing to do what it takes to meet those emotional needs.

Now that Christine left the family, viewers think Janelle will be hot on her heels. Robyn seems to be the only wife content with Kody Brown these days.

If you want to keep up with Kody Brown and the rest of the Sister Wives family, follow TV Shows Ace online. There’s a lot of great information to share, so stay tuned for the latest information.

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