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Fans Predict Which Duggar Daughter May Have More Kids Than Michelle

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Fans are speculating which of Michelle Duggar’s daughters might have as many babies as she did – or even more. Though some of her kids have only recently begun to have children of their own, fans have a good idea of who might end up breaking her record. As you may know, Michelle has 19 children. Keep reading to get all of the details.

Here’s a quick rundown of how many kids each of Michelle and Jim Bob’s children have right now:

  • Josh & Anna: 7
  • John-David & Abbie: 1 (and 1 on the way)
  • Jill & Derick: 2 (and 1 on the way)
  • Jessa & Ben: 4
  • Jinger & Jeremy: 2
  • Joseph & Kendra: 3
  • Josiah & Lauren: 1
  • Joy-Anna & Austin: 2
  • Jedidiah & Katey: 1

Note that a couple more children are rumored to have joined the family but have not been confirmed. Those children are not included in the totals listed above.

Duggar Family Instagram
Duggar Family Instagram

Though Josh and Anna have the most kids of all the siblings, they will likely not be having any more children. Josh was sentenced to more than 12 years in prison after being found guilty of child pornography charges.

Which daughter or daughter-in-law could have more kids than Michelle Duggar?

On Reddit, Duggar fans and critics are now discussing which daughter or daughter-in-law could end up having more kids than Michelle. It looks like many agree that one, in particular, is in the lead.

This conversation began after someone spotted Joseph and Kendra Duggar out to eat at a restaurant. A newborn baby was with them, but they have not announced a pregnancy or birth. Because of this, many fans believe that Kendra secretly gave birth.

Duggars Snark Reddit
Duggars Snark Reddit

On Reddit, many Duggar fans and critics believe that Kendra will end up having more babies than her mother-in-law. There are several reasons for this.

She was born on August 11, 1998, so she’s 23 years old. She already has three kids, Garrett, 4, Addison, 2, and Brooklyn, 1, and possibly one more. Plus, her own mother, Christina Caldwell, conceived and gave birth in her 40s.

One Duggar Snarker says, “At this rate if she doesn’t slow down she actually could beat Michelle. Her kids are less than 18 months apart; she’s actually only 23. Her mom has had kids into her 40’s. At the current pace she could have 13 more easily with fertile time to spare which would get her to 17. Throw in a few kids in her 40s or a set of twins and she could realistically have 20.”

Someone else chimes in, “She has more at her age than Michelle did.”

Caldwell Family Instagram, Christina Caldwell, Kendra Duggar
Caldwell Family Instagram

So, do you agree that Kendra Duggar may have more kids than her mother-in-law, Michelle? Or do you think another family member will break Michelle’s record? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about Michelle and Jim Bob’s ever-growing family.

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