Abbie Duggar CONFIRMS Pregnancy, Gender, & Due Date

Abbie Duggar - John Duggar - Instagram

Fans have speculated for a while that Abbie and John Duggar were pregnant. In honor of Mother’s Day of 2022, Abbie Duggar took to Instagram to silence the speculation and confirm she was pregnant with baby #2. In addition to confirming her pregnancy, she also confirmed the due date and the gender of baby #2. When is she expected to give birth? What is she having? Keep reading for the details.

Abbie Duggar - Instagram
Abbie Duggar – Instagram

Abbie Duggar confirms pregnancy, due date, and gender

Abbie Duggar took to her joint account with John on Instagram to squash the pregnancy rumors and confirm she was expecting baby #2. In addition to dropping this Mother’s Day bombshell, Abbie also spilled the beans on both her due date and the gender of the baby.

She penned in the caption of her Instagram post: “To the little girl who calls me Mommy and our little boy due in late summer, I’ll love you forever!”

Abbie’s pregnancy announcement came complete with a few baby bump snaps. The first snap included her with a huge smile on her face as she stood holding her daughter’s hand while her other hand rested on her growing baby bump. The second photo featured Abbie Duggar standing by herself in a freshly cut patch of grass as she folded both hands under her baby bump. Abbie gazed down lovingly at her baby bump with a huge smile on her face in the second photo.

Duggar fans react to news of the pregnancy

Inside of 30 minutes, Abbie Duggar’s Instagram announcement was liked nearly 20,000 times with over 300 comments. Duggar fans were thrilled to get confirmation on the pregnancy they had speculated on for so long. Fans were convinced they were spotting a baby bump on Abbie in every family photo she popped in. Turns out, they were!

As fans know, Abbie and John Duggar currently share one child together. They have a daughter named Grace. Fans have a lot of respect for this couple as they seemed to take their time having more children. Likewise, fans appreciate Abbie going out into the real world and getting a job instead of just being a stay-at-home mother like most Duggar wives. Per Abbie’s announcement, Grace is going to be a big sister to a beautiful baby brother in just a few short months!

Were you among the fans that speculated Abbie and John Duggar were pregnant with baby #2? Were you shocked they decided to announce the pregnancy on Mother’s Day? Share your thoughts on this Duggar pregnancy in the comments down below! And, keep coming back for the latest news on this family that’s continuing to grow!

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