Did James Duggar Just Reveal Josiah & Lauren’s Secret Baby?

James Duggar Instagram

Fans think that James Duggar might have revealed his brother Josiah and sister-in-law Lauren’s secret baby with his recent social media post. Might he have leaked this family secret to all of his followers? Keep reading to see the new picture and get all of the details.

Rumors have been flying about Josiah and Lauren adding to their family. When Lauren last made a rare appearance on social media, fans thought she looked pregnant. A source even claimed to have seen Josiah and Lauren out and about with an infant car seat recently.

However, the couple hasn’t been spotted in a while. For months, Josiah and Lauren have been silent on social media. They have deleted many of their Instagram posts and recently made their account private.

But now, James Duggar might have leaked the news that they have actually added to their family.


James Duggar poses with a newborn baby.

On his Instagram stories, James recently shared a snap of himself holding an infant. He didn’t tag any of his siblings or mention the baby’s name. So, naturally, this raised some questions about who the baby might be.

With rumors about Josiah and Lauren having a secret baby, some fans believe the little one could be theirs.

James Duggar Instagram

Could the baby be Josiah and Lauren’s?

On Reddit, fans are trying to determine whose baby this might be. One Reddit user points out, “The baby looks like a mini Josiah!”

Others think it could be Josiah and Lauren’s baby, while some fans think it’s Jedidiah and Katey’s.

Of course, in a family with lots of babies around, it could be anyone’s. It’s also possible that James Duggar was hanging out with a friend who has a baby. So, it might not be one of his many nieces and nephews.

Jedidiah and Katey Duggar welcomed their first child, Truett Oliver, to the world in May. So far, they have only shared his newborn photos and he has likely changed a lot in his first month of life. You can see one photo of Truett below.

Jedidiah Duggar Instagram
Jedidiah Duggar Instagram

Unfortunately, James didn’t reveal to fans whose baby he was holding in the picture. So, that still remains unknown.

So, do you think the baby in James Duggar’s post could be Josiah and Lauren’s secret baby? Or do you think it’s someone else’s baby instead? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family updates.

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