Kendra Duggar & Christina Caldwell Twin In New Maternity Photos

Kendra Duggar, Christina Caldwell

Kendra Duggar and her mom, Christina Caldwell, are both pregnant right now! The mom and daughter pair has recently shared new photos of themselves in matching outfits while showing off their matching bumps. See the photos below, and learn more about Kendra and Christina.

Kendra Duggar and Christina Caldwell share new photos

The photos that the women took were shared on the Caldwell family’s Instagram page. The mom and daughter are standing outdoors. They’re both wearing black dresses with red cardigans.

In the caption, Christina writes, “A daughter may out grow your lap, but never out grow your heart.”

You can see the mom and daughter’s new photos here.

Duggar fans react to new photos of Kendra Duggar and Christina Caldwell

Duggar fans have mixed feelings about the pictures. Fans have a lot to say about the mom and daughter being pregnant together. Some think it’s weird and that Christina should stop having kids now that she’s a grandma. Many fans are leaving negative comments on the post for this reason.

Those who like the pictures think that the two women look gorgeous. They love the special bond that Kendra and Christina must have.

When are the expectant mothers due?

Kendra and Joe will welcome their baby to the world in February 2021. Just a few months later, in May, Christina is due.

So far, Christina and Paul have yet to announce their baby’s gender. They may not find out ahead of time, or they might be keeping it private. They may not know at this point either.

Joe and Kendra revealed recently that they are having a baby girl. They refer to this baby as their “tie-breaker,” as they already have a daughter and a son.

How many kids does Kendra Duggar have?

Joe and Kendra have two young children. Garrett is 2 and Addison is 1. The couple claims that baby number three was a surprise.

Because Kendra is only 22 years old, fans expect her to have the most children of all of the Duggar wives. But only time will tell what happens with Joe and Kendra’s little family.

How many kids does Christina Caldwell have?

Currently, Christina has 8 kids, so this baby will be her 9th. Her children with Paul include:

  • Kendra, 22
  • Lauren, 20
  • Micah, 16
  • Nathan, 14
  • Timothy, 11
  • Olivia, 10
  • Jesiah, 5
  • Isaiah, 2

So, what do you think of the new mom and daughter photos? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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