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Ryan Reynolds Nearly Ended His Career Clocking Denzel Washington?

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Canadian-American actor Ryan Rodney Reynolds recently appeared on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman. The actor talked about an incident that happened during the shooting of a 2012 movie, Safe House. The actor told the talk show host that he accidentally gave the 67-year-old actor two black eyes, and the incident still mortifies him to this day.

Even though the Safe House scene actually required the actor to smash Denzel Washington in the face, he wasn’t actually expecting to injure him. Ryan mentioned that the incident happened while he and Washington were filming the ‘In an out-of-control car’ scene from the movie. As per Yahoo! News, both the actors chose to shoot the scene by themselves instead of opting for stunt doubles.

Ryan Fears For His Career After Accidentally Hitting Denzel Washington

Describing the incident, Ryan mentioned that the scene involved Denzel crawling through the trunk in the back, coming forward to grab & choke him. The actor mentioned that the car was at top speed. As the events panned out and Denzel came close to the actor, the corner of his head hit the Academy Award winner’s eye.

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Ryan stated that it felt like the hit was hard enough to split his co-actor’s eyes wide open. This was the moment when the actor thought that he was done for. He presumed that this was the end of his career, and he felt as if his pulse was about to cease.

Ryan Reynolds Hits Denzel’s Eyes ‘Twice’

But luckily for the Deadpool actor, Washington was nothing but a good sport about the accident. The veteran actor shrugged it off by saying that accidents happen and they should continue shooting the scene. Washington also suggested that they should shoot the scene from the other side to ensure that the injury isn’t obvious on camera.

However, fate wasn’t on Ryan’s side as the actor yet again hit his co-actor for the second time. And, this time, he got his other eye. He also mentioned that his co-actor looked similar to a Christmas ornament. The actor ended his story by stating that he wished to die after the mistake.

Ryan’s Success Streak With Deadpool Franchise

Ryan Reynolds became a household name after the undeniable success of the Deadpool franchise. However, the actor was a part of several movies before becoming a huge success. One such movie was Safe House, where the actor starred alongside Denzel Washington.

Ryan Reynolds

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Although the movie wasn’t a massive blockbuster, it sure was a decent hit. Given the popularity of the movie, even a sequel was planned. However, the second movie never happened and is unlikely to star Ryan Reynolds anytime soon. If you are looking for a great action movie with commendable acting, Safe House could be one of your go-to choices for a weekend movie marathon.

As for Denzel’s reaction to the incident, Ryan is still alive and well. So, it is safe to assume that the American Gangster actor was cool about it!

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