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Netflix’s Thriller ‘The Weekend Away’ May Have Changed Twisted Book Ending

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Netflix’s new thriller, The Weekend Away, is based on the bestselling Sarah Alderson novel of the same name. Two friends go on vacation to Croatia for much needed girl’s get-together. However only one comes back. Now, the other is far from home and accused of murder!

This chilling new movie stars Leighton Meester (How I Met Your Father, Gossip Girl), Christina Wolfe (Batwoman, The Royals), Luke Norris (Poldark, The Colour Room), Amar Bukvic (On The Border, The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard), and Ziad Bakri (Blind Sun, The Salt Fisherman).

As The Weekend Away is based on a novel, does it mean that the Netflix movie will have an identical ending? You may be surprised. Note that there are book spoilers below that may or may not be in the movie.

What Is The Weekend Away About?

In the book version of the upcoming Netflix movie,  The Weekend Away, Beth (Meester), who was Orla in the book, is headed for a weekend away with her best friend, and ex-roommate, Kate (Wolfe). Beth is leaving her small daughter Marlow with her husband, Rob (Norris).

She is a bit reluctant to leave her daughter even for a few days. However, the divorced and ready to mingle Kate wants a girl’s weekend. Besides, it has been a while. In the book, they go to Lisbon, but in the movie, they are in gorgeous Croatia. They have booked an Airbnb complete with a hot tub and stunning view.

On their first night, things get out of control. They head out to a bar, and there are drugs and a couple of guys that they bring back to their place. The next thing that Beth recalls is that it is the next afternoon, and Kate is nowhere to be found!

Moreover, as Beth tries to figure out what happened, she is struggling. Besides dealing with people who are speaking a language she does not understand, she cannot recall what happened.

When Beth finds out that the two men they brought home stole Kate’s belongings, she realizes that she cannot trust anyone. Beth does get a clue. She finds Kate’s phone at a pawn shop. But, she doesn’t have the passcode.

Meanwhile, Rob flies out to be with the distraught Beth. He is there just after the police find Kate’s body. Now, the real drama happens. Beth asks to be alone with Kate’s body and unlocks the phone with her dead friend’s finger.

What Beth uncovers shocks her. It turns out that Kate was having an affair with Rob for years. Not only that, but Rob was in town the night of the murder.

All the evidence points to Beth, but thanks to her sleuthing, she can go free.

Netflix, The Weekend Away-
Netflix, The Weekend Away-

Why The Netflix Movie May Be Different From Novel

In the novel, Beth finds out that Kate was at the police station the night of her murder. When she accuses the officer, he tries to attack her and the case is solved.

Fast-forward a bit, Beth is now single, having divorced Rob. However, the rideshare driver who helped her through this ordeal sends her a package. It is from a street security video.

In the video, Kate is shown arguing with a man. He then hits her on the head and drags her into the river. Soon, Beth realizes who the man is. This is Ben, the man that she once loved.

However, author Sarah Alderson, who also wrote the Netflix screenplay, may have fooled fans of her book. A few weeks ago, Alderson went to Twitter to recommend her book. She wrote, “Read the book before you watch the movie. (I may have changed the ending for the movie).

Could this twisted ending be any more twisted?

When Can You Watch Netflix’s The Weekend Away?

When can you find out what the movie ending will be? The good news is that the wait is not long. Netflix will drop The Weekend Away on Thursday, March 3.

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