Ozzy Osbourne Prepares For Life-Altering Surgery

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne, the Black Sabbath singer, underwent a life-altering surgical procedure on Monday. The news was confirmed by his wife Sharon Osbourne on Talk TV, a UK-based chat show where she recently appeared. The music manager briefly talked about her husband’s health and surgery on the talk show.

Ozzy Osbourne’s Struggles With Neck Problem Post Accident

The 73-year-old singer/songwriter has been battling neck problems for as long as two decades. The problems started after the rocker had a quad biking accident. However, the actual nature of this medical procedure Ozzy needs still remains unclear.

Ozzy Osbourne

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As per Yahoo! News, this major operation was to happen on Monday, and Sharon planned to be there for her husband. She also added that this operation would be a determining factor for the rest of his life. The couple is to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in July. The British-American author admitted that she came back to Los Angeles in order to be with her husband in his time of need.

Ozzy Talks About Parkinson’s Diagnosis & Spinal Surgery

Ozzy Osbourne was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s and also underwent spinal surgery. As per the singer, he is slowly recovering. Ozzy also mentioned that he is waiting on another surgery on the neck. The English singer has found it hard to walk properly lately. He has been getting physical therapy each morning to help him improve. However, the improvement isn’t good enough to get back on the road.

When asked if the singer ever thought about his mortality, he mentioned that he is very optimistic about the future. Looking back at his past, Ozzy said that he is 73 and has done very well for himself. He doesn’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. But, he did agree to the fact that his time would come as well.

Osbourne Family’s Struggle With Sobriety

Ozzy also addressed another issue that had been ailing his family. Talking about drug and alcohol issues, the singer mentioned eight years ago that he faced his issues head-on and is sober now. When asked if he is sober for life, the 73-year-old songwriter hopes that things stay the same as they are. The singer also mentioned that he will take things one step at a time and doesn’t wish to drink or smoke anytime soon.

Jack Osbourne, Ozzy’s son, has also dealt with substance abuse issues and is now 18 years sober. On the other hand, Kelly Osbourne, his daughter, did slip her sobriety last year but rose back strong. Currently, she is pregnant & expecting her first child.

The English couple also has another daughter named Aimee, who recently survived a fire in a Hollywood recording studio. The Osbourne family became a popular name during the early 2000s after MTV provided insights into their family life via the reality series The Osbournes. The show lasted for 4 seasons and eminently immortalized the family.

Best wishes to Ozzy on a speedy recovery after life-altering surgery.

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