Sharon Osbourne Grants ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ First Post ‘The Talk’ Interview

Sharon Osbourne

Mrs. O, aka Sharon Osbourne, is going to let her side of the story out on the next edition of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher this coming Friday night.

Maher will interview Osbourne about the fallout of the infamous race discussion that lead to her dismissal from The Talk.

During a panel discussion with Sheryl Underwood and Elaine Welteroth over Sharon’s friend Piers Morgan, the heat was turned up.  Morgan had bitterly complained about Meghan Markle on camera and many people interpreted his remarks as racist.

After the Oprah and Harry and Meghan interview, Osbourne has tweeted her defense of Piers’ right to his opinion of Markle.

As a result of the Osbourne and Underwood on-camera fallout over her defense of Piers, CBS announced that Ms. Osbourne decided to exit The Talk after 11 seasons on March 26.

Sharon Osbourne is ready to talk

Osbourne’s decision to step down over the backlash of her defending Piers Morgan and the intense discussion between her and her co-hosts is still a news item, as now The Talk is back, minus Mrs. O.

Last week Bill suggested the Oscars be named the “Debbie Downers” and lambasted the Academy for the crop of depressing film nominations.

This week he appears to be planning to light a fire under the ongoing Sheryl Underwood-Sharon Osbourne divide that went down in March.

Underwood and PTSD

Since the initial incident, Underwood has expressed her feelings of ‘trauma.”

The Talk’s first episode since the hiatus following Osbourne’s exit, Sheryl Underwood discussed where she and her former cohost stand.

“I feel like I’m in PTSD because it was a trauma,” Underwood said to Dr. Donald E. Grant, an expert on diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.  She felt she was in a “safe space” to share.

“I didn’t want to escalate things with Sharon…I didn’t want to be perceived as the ‘angry Black woman,'” she said.

Grant noted Elaine’s voice “got lost” and then Welteroth made a point of acknowledging Sheryl’s composure and strength.

Elaine Welteroth added: “I think for me, I was entering that conversation with common ground and I didn’t feel I was heard.”

Amanda Kloots said she played the mediator role frequently in her own life. “I was really trying to think about how I can get everybody to listen to each other.”

Real Time with Bill Maher

Other guests on the longstanding HBO salon for political and culture chatter include Ian Bremmer and Rosa Brooks.

Bremmer holds a PhD from Stanford and is a political scientist. Bremmer is also an author and heads the Eurasia Group.

Brooks is a Harvard grad and American law professor, journalist, author, and foreign policy commentator.

Real Time with Bill Maher airs Fridays at 10 PM on HBO

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