David Koechner Hit With DUI Charge Months After Car Accident

David Koechner

In a series of unfortunate events, The Office star David Koechner has yet again been slapped with a DUI charge. This news comes just months after the comedian was charged with a hit-&-run case while driving under the influence.

David Koechner Caught Swerving On Road While Drunk

As reported by The Sun, the 59-year-old actor was charged last Saturday in Ohio at 2 in the morning for driving under the influence. David was allegedly spotted by an officer swerving the vehicle on the road after which he was pulled over. The officer confirmed that the actor was intoxicated due to alcohol consumption and was given a ticket for the same.

David Koechner

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The Anchorman star is to appear in court to plead his case in July. Koechner was in Ohio hosting a trivia night in Ironton for The Office, where he plays the role of Todd Packer. Back in January on New Year’s Eve, the actor was charged with a hit-and-run DUI for allegedly crashing the car in California’s Simi Valley.

David Koechner Might Serve 6 Months Jail Time

As per Ventura County Police, these two acts count as misdemeanors. David allegedly crashed the car into a nearby street sign. After this, an officer tested him and the actor allegedly failed the breathalyzer test. Both these mishaps could land the star 6 months of jail time for each count. Additionally, the actor might also be asked to complete a mandatory alcohol education course.

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The father of 5 is best known for portraying the character Champ Kind in the Anchorman movie franchise. Although the actor appeared only in 15 episodes of The Office, his character in Anchorman got him instant recognition in the show as well.

Anchorman Gave The Comedian His Much-Needed Fame

In an interview, the actor mentioned that he had only completed shooting an episode or two after which everyone referenced him by the name of the show only after Anchorman. In a term of 7 years, the actor managed to partake in 14 episodes only. Yet, the character he played in the series became an instant hit and is always remembered whenever there is a reference to the TV series.

As A Part Of The SNL Team

The comedian was also a part of Saturday Night Live in 1995 & 1996 with Adam McKay and Nancy Walls as co-stars. However, the actor committed to the show for just a season and missed it after his term ended. Talking about his experience with SNL the actor mentioned it to be an exciting place.

He also said that working with SNL brought in something new and unexpected every week. Plus, working with the group was always a fun experience. Koechner was also a part of ABC’s The Goldbergs where he portrayed Bill Lewis.

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