‘The Office’ Reunion Teased At Peacock

'The Office' stars Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson. (Photo by NBC/YouTube)

The Office may return for a special reunion episode. Now that NBC has created their very own streaming platform, Peacock, everyone is talking about bringing the show back.

According to E! News, The Office likely wouldn’t return for a reboot or revival, but it could come back for a reunion. The show’s creator, Greg Daniels, is speaking out on the potential of getting the cast together again. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, the workplace would be much different.

Will The Office return for a reunion?

“I’ve gotten texts from the cast and old writers and stuff about how the characters are handling the pandemic. It kind of depends on what season you’re talking about but I think early seasons Michael would have the hardest time because his entire being is wrapped up in work and if he couldn’t come in he’d be going crazy stepping on his George Foreman grill,” Daniels joked.

Greg also touched on the possibility of a reunion. He says that now that Peacock has emerged, the possibility of doing it is “more likely” than before. Daniels also claims that there could be some hidden episodes found, which would featured the cast reprising their roles. He also teased a Friends-style reunion.

Meanwhile, actor Oscar Nunez says his character, also named Oscar, would thrive during quarantine.

“I think he’d love it. I think he’d be like everyone else dressed from the top up,” He would adjust well to it because he’s in his house cozy, making his soups or whatever and just working from home and probably enjoy taking a break from people,” he says.

What are the characters doing now?

Comedian Kate Flannery, who played the role of Meredith on the show also spoke out. She offered some insight into what her hilarious character may be up to these days.

“She’d be in her basement and I think she might be on Tinder. But she’d be keeping it safe because Meredith is a survivor so I don’t think there’d be any risky health issues.”

Meanwhile, Andy Buckley says his on-screen alter-ego, David Wallace, would be having a good time as well. Buckley claims that David is likely out there living off the millions he made after leaving Dunder Mifflin. He jokes that he’s also living in a recording studio and enjoying his hot tub.

There are new fans of The Office emerging each day. The series lived on Netflix for years before making the switch over to Peacock in 2021. This opened the show up to a whole new fanbase.

Peacock is now giving fans hope that beloved characters from The Office such as Michael, Jim, Pam, and more could return to reveal where life has taken them since the series finale.

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