‘The Challenge’ Has A Surplus Of ‘Survivor’ Contestants Coming To Play

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MTV’s The Challenge is back for its 38th season. They’ve been on a trend recently of bringing in contestants from other hit reality shows as contestants. And this season is no different. Season 38 of The Challenge sees all-star contestants from Love IslandThe Amazing RaceBig Brother, and Survivor.

They recently did a cast reveal and we finally got to see who’s going to be competing. Amongst the players are some of the best Survivor players of all time. How will their Survivor experience translate to the raw competition of The Challenge? We’ll just have to see.

MTV’s The Challenge Season 38

There are 8 former Survivor players coming to compete on Season 38 of The Challenge: USA. They are Danny Mccray, Desi Williams, Shan Smith, Ben Driebergen, Tyson Apostol, Sarah Lacina, Dominick Abbate, and Tasha Fox. There are 3 former winners and 2 runners-up within this group. The winners being Sarah, Ben, and Tyson while the runners-up are Dominick and Tasha, respectively. That’s a lot of strong competition with a history of great play within one group.

Survivor Winners At War
Survivor Winners At War

And that’s just the former Survivor contestants. The full cast includes James Wallington, one of the winners of the most recent season of The Amazing Race. None of the Big Brother or Love Island competitors are former winners. But they were mostly strong competition in their respective seasons and shouldn’t be counted out here.

Danny Mccray is likely the Survivor contestant to most watch out for. And that’s because he’s not just a former Survivor contestant. He’s also a former NFL athlete. While his football skills largely didn’t end up helping him in the individual section of his Survivor season, they could make him a major threat in The Challenge. He’s certainly not going to be a player to be taken lightly.

mtv the challenge 38 survivor cast
The ‘Survivor’ contestants who will be competing on ‘The Challenge’ Season 38

 A “Who’s Who” Of Reality Competitions

Survivor and The Amazing Race are certainly physically demanding games. But The Challenge likes to pride itself on being the reality competition for only the buffest of gym buffs. It may seem logical to assume that the challenge beasts from these other shows would be the best at this show. But that’s not always the case. Many contestants have been surprising in their athletic prowess within The Challenge in the past. We’ll just have to see who among this cast has been training the hardest in all the areas required to win.

The Challenge: USA Season 38 premieres on July 6th on MTV.

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