‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Fans Abandon Family, Call For Cancellation?

'Chrisley Knows Best' Fans Abandon Family, Call For Cancellation? [USA Network | YouTube]

Chrisley Knows Best fans are abandoning the famous family. They’re calling for the cancelation of their reality series. This comes after a jury determined that Todd and Julie Chrisley will face Federal charges of fraud and tax evasion. TV Shows Ace was the first to report the verdict from their short-lived trial.

On Tuesday, June 7, the Chrisley family trended on social media for all the wrong reasons. A jury found Todd and Julie Chrisley guilty. They could face 30 years in prison. For now, they’ve been ordered to home confinement. Now, fans are calling for the family’s cancelation.

Chrisleys Convicted [Entertainment Tonight | YouTube]
[Entertainment Tonight | YouTube]

Will USA Network cancel Chrisley Knows Best?

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the USA Network plans to keep Chrisley Knows Best on the air despite the verdict. The network renewed the show for another season. The cable network plans to air the second half of Chrisley Knows Best’s ninth season on Thursday, June 23. Some fans have been looking forward to the return of their favorite family.

However, the tide changed since their conviction. Those fans are calling for the cancelation of the franchise. The reality series was the network’s highest-watched show. A week before the trial started, parent company NBC Universal announced their future plans with the troubled family. They filmed the new season months before the trial.

Todd & Julie Chrisley Found Guilty [Entertainment Tonight | YouTube]
[Entertainment Tonight | YouTube]
Earlier this week, a jury found Todd Chrisley and his wife Julie Chrisley guilty of fraud and tax evasion. The couple could face 30 years in prison. They were previously accused of evading their taxes from 2008 to 2016. Per Insider, they were also convicted of bank fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud, and tax fraud, among other charges.

Julie was convicted of the same charges as her husband, including wire fraud. Now, the reality stars could end up behind bars, according to the report. They won’t find out their punishment for a few more months. Now that the court found them guilty, fans want to cancel them out.


Fans want the Chrisleys canceled

In lieu of the verdict, Chrisley Knows Best fans are calling for their cancelation. Most of them took to Twitter to share their thoughts about the verdict. Most of them are calling for the cancelation of the reality series. They’re still tweeting about the Chrisleys at the time of this article.

  • “@USA_Network you need to cancel Chrisley Knows Best.”
  • “Wow, they’re not going to cancel the Chrisley’s show! Now let that have been one of us! It wouldn’t even be any reruns playing.”
  • “Cancel this show. Seriously.”
  • “@USA_Network and @eentertainment cancel The Chrisley’s immediately they are criminals.”

However, not all the fans support the cancelation. One wrote, “They better not cancel Chrisley’s Knows Best. Idc if they did fraud. I love their show!!!” Another asked, “Are they gonna cancel that Chrisley show? I like that little Nanny.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think USA Network should cancel Chrisley Knows Best? Do you still plan to watch the show? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


  1. Why would they cancel the show? Our government is full of criminals and they’re still allowed to show up.They made mistake and will pay for it.

    1. I love the show and like someone said the damn politicians make mistakes all the time and we are suppose to overlook, they are a real family with real problems we all have issues and we don’t know all the truths either I fully support keeping the show on!!!!

      1. Keep the show on! Bravo had Teresa who did the same thing and that show is still on. Not all these people speak for all fans

      2. Oh well. I like the show , but it’s fake I watch it for shits and giggles to see who has a knew face.

    2. So agree, all these fickle hypocrites spewing their hate and judgement are ridiculous. It must be so hard for them to be so perfect! Which we know they aren’t but they are pathetic.

      1. Praying for the Chrisley family. That it all works out for them. Their shows have given us many great viewing hours let’s support them. Thankyou and Gods Rich Blessings over your family 🥰🙏🏻

    3. I agree with ur comment politicians get away with it all the time love the show an the family let them pay the money or what ever please don’t send them to jail. Prayers everything works out.❤🙏

    4. mutherhen, I agree with you. Ok, IF they are for sure guilty they should get in trouble for it. BUT, people that go out an murder someone they get a slap on the back and only do a few years. What about all these Politicians that do wrong and what do they get? How about all these people that go out and rape and do bad crimes? What is wrong with this picture? Get their priorities straight. (The system). I sure hope that between now and when they get the verdict that they can prove that they are not guilty. I’m not saying if they are for sure 100% guity that they should get away with it, but 30 years? I wish them the best of luck and things can get settled. I too enjoy watching their TV show, Nanny is so funny, they do keep you laughing for sure.

    5. This is absolutely heartbreaking and anyone whom says cancel the show, dont order from them, that is disgusting. Stop judging the.chrisleys, the show is not just about todd an julie, the other chrisleys on the show need to make a living .

    6. Isn’t that the truth! Look at our former administration for goodness sakes. Our own former president has committed the exact same offenses as the Chrisleys! Pretty sure he will skate on through and continue his criminal ways. He is just one of many too.

    7. I love the show and the whole family. The show should stay on. Everyone makes mistakes whether intentionally or not. The Chrisleys is a Great show, I Love Them.

  2. Do not cancel Chrisley Knows Best. Crooked, Lying, Thieving Politicians have not been canceled and they stole from their constituents for far more years and much more money than the Chrisleys ever could and have not been canceled or charged.

  3. Please don’t cancel the Chrisleys show. Anybody can make a mistake and not do what’s right. We should forgive them and I’m sure that they won’t do anything like that again. We forgive murders and bank robbers, so we need to forgive them. And if they’re in prison, how are they going to repay for their crimes.

  4. That is my favorite show. So sad. Why so irresponsible? I really am not sure about show only now it will appear fake when you see all the wealth. I wish nanny and the children would take it over

  5. No they should not cancel this show. it’s the only thing that is not violence these days or a talk show.
    it was a mistake and they learned from it. now it’s time to sweep it under the rug and move on. has nothing to do with this show.

    1. Please do not cancel the show. I really enjoy watching the Chrisley’s. I am a big fan of the show!!

  6. I will watch the show it’s funny and I love it, especially nanny fan. What they did or didn’t do shouldn’t stop them from being able to make money. They are going to need it know for fines and fees.

  7. I love the Crisleys and will still watch their shows. I feel like they were framed by that former employee and also people in FBI that have nothing better to do!! Some people have it out for people that are Better Off than themselves and I think this was a witch hunt by that judge and prosecutor and FBI from the get go!! I think they were Framed!!! I will continue to watch the Show

  8. I am sure they have an accountant to take care of their finances. Maybe someone else was not doing their job.
    I love this show, and NO it shouldn’t be cancelled.

  9. I think that you should definitely not cancel the show Let the new season speak for itself I’m sure that all the people we’ll be watching we love the Chrisleys

  10. Do not cancel their show! Everybody needs this show to off set all the murders, Ukraine people getting slaughtered like animals, school murders! Guess all of that is ok! Be glad when it’s election time again!

  11. Please do not cancel this show. I love this family. People can sit around and give opinions about things that do not involve them and not knowing the entire story. Praying for the Chrisleys.

  12. Don’t cancel the show! When the cancel Biden and this song for the same thing then your can tall about the Chrisley’s.

  13. I love them! They made a mistake!! We all do!!! God will get them through!!
    Do not cancel them!!!!

  14. I dont understand people wanting their t.v. show canceled. The law is not always right. As far as the jury, that’s just their opinion. The majority of the jury probably didn’t like the show. Dont judge. Like the jury did..I feel so sorry for them. Should never been found guilty.

  15. Do not cancel the show! I look forward to seeing them as do many other fans! If people are really fans they would be praying for and not turning their backs on them saying cancel! Everyone makes mistakes!

  16. I don’t think they should cancel the show. I love Nanny Faye she hasnt done anything and their Children shouldn’t have to be cancelled either. They will face enough in October so let the TV show keep going. I love the Chrisleys.

  17. Everyone does wrong. Some may be worse than others, but if it were your family would you not stand beside them no matter what. We are no man or woman’s judge. I’m so glad God will be my final judge. Leave them alone and let them keep their show. This may be the last season if they go to prison. They might have did wrong and then maybe not. We weren’t there.
    I like the show, no matter what sentence they get. Other celebrities have done wrong and paid their penance, still people still love them.
    Just giving you something to think about. I’m not perfect and neither is no one else. Everyone makes mistakes and we all have to pay that price.

  18. please do not cancle the show i love watching the whole family they made a mistake they will pay for it some how

  19. I don’t believe fans requested cancellation!!! That’s irrational on many levels. Why punish true fans??? Again because people are high profile they are made to be examples. Most criminals get off with mere slaps on the wrist. Christleys did nothing our politicians and the ultra wealthy don’t do daily. Society is jealous of financially successful and they seem to be happy when something in their lives goes amiss. They should have legal penalities…not social ones.

  20. What people do in their personal lives is not for us to judge. People
    Mess up all the time. I love this show And will continue to watch and enjoy it as Long as it is on.

    1. I don’t want to see the show canceled. I really like the show. I guess we’ll know in a couple of months what happens to them. They might end serving time but hopefully it’s not 30 years. It’s unfortunate this happened to them, and they knew what they were doing, but we make mistakes in our lives and hope for forgiveness at some point. Bless Todd and Julie, hope everything works out for you and your family.

  21. How quick people can turn on you is unbelievable. My heart goes out to the whole family and I pray God gives you the strength and grace to face whatever happens. You are an amazing family!!

  22. People make mistakes and bad decisions every day, we are human. I fully support keeping the show on and I will be praying for the Chrisley family during these troubling times. Keep the Faith @Chrisleyknowsbest family!

  23. I cant believe I am seeing so many comments saying not to cancel this show. The Chrisleys are frauds. Convicted frauds. What they did was not a mistake…. it was intentional. Not to mention the premise of the whole show has now proven to be hypocritical. I am a law abiding citizen and to see so many overlooking their actions as simply being a mistake is a sad commentary on todays society. God bless America.

  24. Go to their web sites and see remarks. Most people are sad, sorry and stand beside them. I don’t know where you get your information. Are you wanting and wishing for people not to stand behind them?

  25. The Chrisley’s were found guilty. They weren’t satisfied with the money they made from the show and greed took over.I like the show too,but, they should be made to pay for their crimes.
    Nanny Fay is the best thing about the show so center the show around her.

  26. I hope they don’t cancel the show! I love it! I’m sorry but people mess up. They will pay for their mistakes one way or another!

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