Todd Chrisley Shuts Down Critics Amid Guilty Verdict

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Chrisley Knows Best star Todd Chrisley shuts down critics amid guilty verdict. How did he fend off social media trolls? Keep reading, and we’ll explain.

Judge sets strict restrictions amid fraud conviction

Todd & Julie Chrisley are currently under home confinement after a jury found them guilty of tax evasion and bank fraud. After three years in limbo, the couple faced the charges during a three-week trial that ended on Tuesday, June 7.

The jury came back with a verdict of guilty on all 12 counts. The Chrisley Knows Best stars await sentencing in October.

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In the meantime, they are under house arrest with some very strict conditions. They can only leave their home for work, religious services, or medical treatment.

Furthermore, they can leave for meetings with their attorney or court appearances.

The couple is under strict financial requirements. Us Weekly reports that Todd & Julie must notify their probation officer of any purchases over $1,000.

Have members of the Chrisley family spoken out about the verdict?

Todd Chrisley shuts down critics

Lindsie Chrisley was the first to address the verdict. She shared on her Instagram that she was “saddened” about the outcome and asked for prayers.

Her younger sister Savannah broke her silence by sharing a quote. Click here to read Savannah’s cryptic statement.

While Todd Chrisley has remained silent about the verdict, his actions spoke louder than words.

Following the verdict, he seemingly took to his Instagram settings and limited comments on his older posts.

Credit: Todd Chrisley Instagram

He did leave Savannah’s comment on a post about leaning on God.

Daughter Savannah encourages her parents: ‘God has got us’

A day after the criminal case went to the jury for deliberation, Todd Chrisley shared an uplifting post about God. AsĀ Chrisley Knows Best viewers know, the Chrisley family is very religious.

And it seems they relied heavily on their faith to get through the trial.

“God doesn’t give us what we can handle. God helps us handle what we are given,” the meme read.

His daughter Savannah took to the comments to show her support. “We’ve got this! God has got us!” the reality star wrote.

Credit: Todd Chrisley Instagram

Of course, trolls have circled back to the post now that the verdict is in. “This didn’t age well,” one new comment read.

Another replied, “Where was God today? Maybe he don’t like liars and cheaters.”

Some Chrisley fans might be surprised that Todd Chrisley limited the comment section. He usually confronts trolls head on.

As Todd and Julie await their sentencing, new episodes of Chrisley Knows Best return to USA Network on Thursday, June 23rd.

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  1. I still love them,even if they made mistakes. We aren’t their judge, God does that. We don’t have the right! We only read what is in the news, so we don’t know the details But God Does!

  2. I do not believe that they are guilty of these charges. Owning my own business, I know what jealous, hateful employees will do to you. They will do anything to take you to hell and back. I had a General Manager, Dispatcher and Technician hack into my business and personal checking accounts, hacked into our Social media, into our personal social media, embezzle us Over $74,000.00 in fuel on our fleet card, mirror my contracts, forge checks and withdraw money for our business account and take my office staff and technicians. Employees who do not like a business owner to the depths of HELL and BACK! I also had our first dispatcher who had a crush on my husband attempt to seduce him but he new better and wanted nothing to do with her. She filed a bogus Labor and Industry claim that was Denied four times and then lied to get an appeal, and we had to get an attorney $17,821.11 later we still won but, she saw to it we had a huge bill. This same person stole laptops, Apple IPhone’s and, office furniture, and had her son do billing and refused to listen to me on how to due it. In the end all warranty was incorrectly billed and we lost over $100,000.00.

    My point is those you have working for you will screw you over at ANY EXDPENSE!

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