Abbie Duggar Hustles For Cash: Broke After ‘Counting On’ Cancelation?

Abbie Duggar, YouTube

Abbie Duggar, the wife of John-David, appears to be hustling for cash after the family’s show, Counting On, was canceled. Could this be a sign she’s running low on funds without the TLC paychecks flowing in these days? Keep reading to see how she’s making her money now.

Abbie Duggar Instagram
Abbie Duggar Instagram

John-David and Abbie have a pretty good net worth that should be enough for them and their growing family. However, that may change with Counting On ending.

TLC cancels Counting On. 

In June 2021, TLC pulled the plug on the Duggar family’s show, Counting On. This came just weeks after Josh Duggar’s arrest by the feds. He has since been convicted on child pornography charges and was recently sentenced to 151 months behind bars.

Many members of the Duggar family likely relied on TLC to help them provide for their own families. Without the show, several members of the family have taken on new ventures. Jessa Seewald is making YouTube videos, Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo wrote a children’s book, and some of the boys are now flipping houses and doing other construction work.

Is Abbie Duggar hustling for cash?

On Instagram on Tuesday, June 7, Abbie posted a couple of new screenshots of her Poshmark shop. Poshmark is a clothing resale site. Users can take photos of their clothing, list them for sale, and then ship them out when they sell.

In her post, Abbie Duggar directed her Instagram followers to her online store after giving them a sneak peek of what’s for sale. Below, you can see her posts, which feature a variety of men’s and women’s clothing and shoes. In the past, she has also listed baby clothing.

These posts were shared almost a year after TLC canceled Counting On. It’s possible that the couple is running low on funds after the show came to an end. Plus, their second baby is on the way, so they may benefit from some extra cash during this time.

If you would like to, you can check out Abbie’s Poshmark shop here. Her profile notes that she is a “Posh Ambassador.”

So, do you think that Abbie Duggar is hustling for cash because the TLC funds are drying up after Counting On was canceled? Or do you think that this has nothing to do with Counting On? Tell us in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family updates.

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  1. This is literally so dumb… everyone uses Poshmark to resell their clothes. She is a nurse. If she needed to make money she could work as one which she has in the past. Most stay at home moms with young babies need to make money one way or another whether they had a TLC show or not. She’s pregnant and there’s nothing wrong with getting rid of unnecessary things in order to get things for a new baby.

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