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Is There A Sequel To Lifetime’s ‘Buried In Barstow’?

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Lifetime’s Buried In Barstow is an instant hit! Angie Harmon (Rizzoli & Isles, Law & Order) and Kristoffer Polaha (Jurassic World Dominion, Mystery 101), knocked it out of the park. This is a steamy ride, filled with secrets, shocks, and surprises.

However, the movie ended with a major cliffhanger. Now viewers want to know if Lifetime making a sequel to Buried In Barstow. Polaha fans are especially a little nervous, considering the unresolved Mystery 101 cliffhanger.

Don’t worry folks, this is Lifetime. They are not leaving anyone hanging. Here is what we know.

Will There Be A Sequel To Lifetime’s Buried In Barstow?

Yes, Lifetime has greenlit a sequel to Buried In Barstow. They did that back early in the year, months before the premiere. However, it has not been filmed yet. Kristoffer Polaha recently told the Deck The Hallmark podcast that they are ready to go with a second movie. Moreover, they have planned for four movies.

What I’m saying is I signed a contract with four movies. We’ve already got number two again penned. It’s ready to go, and so we’re going to start shooting that one. I don’t know exactly when, but a couple of dates have been kicked around. So, we are going to make more movies of these. But, I think they’re always waiting to see how well…like if people watch them.

It is not clear why Lifetime is waiting for viewership numbers. Perhaps this is budgetary and good viewership could mean more money? If they greenlit the second movie, it doesn’t seem likely that there are issues with the stars or story.

Used with Lifetime permission
Used with Lifetime permission

Buried In Barstow Was Rejected For Three Years Before Lifetime Picked It Up

Over three years ago, Angie Harmon saw the script for Buried In Barstow and knew she wanted to make this movie. However, she never imagined that she would have to fight so much rejection in the process.

Back in February, Harmon spoke to Fox News during the CTAM virtual winter press tour about this “humbling” experience. “There are just so many different facets that go into getting a project done. And this is a real learning experience. And to be very honest, I’m comfortable with the word, no. I’m just not really used to hearing it.”

However, she persisted and her tenacity paid off. Lifetime picked up the movie and made something really great.

Used with Lifetime permission
Used with Lifetime permission

Hazel King ‘Meaner’ Than Jane Rizzoli

In Lifetime’s Buried In Barstow, Angie Harmon portrays Hazel King, a former hit woman who is forced to return to the business for “one last hit.” TV Insider asked the actress how this character is different than her other iconic kick-butt character, Jane Rizzoli. “She’s just flat-out meaner than Jane Rizzoli.”

However, it is Hazel’s devotion to her daughter that is key to her toughness.

Her devotion to her child. Being a mom myself, when your kids get hurt, it’s difficult not to just go absolutely bonkers. Hazel got to do all the things that I’ve really wanted to do. She’s trying to be on the right path. It’s just every time she turns around, something new is happening.

Did you see Lifetime’s Buried In Barstow? What did you think of this movie?

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  1. One of the BEST movies I have seen in a long time. So many shocks and changes. Still sitting on the edge of my chair! When is the next part? Can’t wait!!

    1. Great movie my husband and I and my friends loved it can’t wait for the sequel don’t take too long there’s nothing good on TV this was a good show a lot of action

    2. LOVED IT! Would really like to see the rest of it. It’s not fair to just leave a really good movie hanging like that with “will be continued”. When? People are going to want to know when.

      1. OMG this movie was so so good,I hope we don’t have to wait long for the rest of the movie, I think Angie did an amazing job and all the cast 👏 good job to all, NOW back to work we can’t wait to see the rest. 👏👏👏♥️

      2. We were misled as to how many episodes there would be. Please get this show back on the road. Nothing now on atavistic to watch

  2. We loved the movie, however, we were disappointed that the production for part 2 of 4 is not yet filmed yet. This truly is a real cliffhanger!

  3. This was really good, twists and turns at every corner. Glad Angie Harmon is back on the tube! Can’t wait for part 2 !

    1. Loved the movie 🎬, sad to have to wait a long time to see 2nd part, they could of made it into a series… so whe they bring it out they will have to air buried in barsto again along with the second..

  4. Just watched the movie Buried in Barstow and it was amazing. Was disappointed in the end that I have to wait to see the rest of it and hope they can get it done quickly.

  5. Omg I need more right now! I did not expect it to end that way. That was the best movie I’ve seen in forever.

    1. It Was A Great Movie When Will The Next One Air They Work Good Together I Hope We Don’t Have To Wait To Long .Does Anyone Know When The Next One Airs ?

  6. I love her and the movie. Would it be weird to ask for other Rizzoli and Isles alum to show up in each part. There’s the mother, the brother and last but not least, Isles. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    1. I loved this movie, it sucks that part 2 hasn’t even been made yet. Glad to see Angie Harmon back on tv.

  7. I had a problem with lifetime working for me for the premire. I was bummed big time as I love Kris and Angie. Big Poland fan though. So I played with some stuff this morning and watched it through youtube. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE! It. Is one of the best suspense movie I have seen in a long time. Thank you and keep them coming.

    1. Love Angie Harmon. Love this movie but Hazel can’t die at the end and I can’t wait to see the next sequel or sequels. Hurry up and make them. We never get to see such great films like this that often

    1. Great movie!!! Love Hazel!! Angie Harmon was and is the only actress who can and does do justice to the character!! So glad an actress of her caliber is back on tv!! Hope we don’t have to wait long for part two. Sure would have made A great weekly series!!

  8. This was an awesome movie. When do we get more. Should be a series. Loved it. Casting was great.

  9. I loved this movie…..shucked at the ending but I just can’t wait to see the sequel! Great movie!

  10. watched it recorded & watched it again, feeling like everyone, sad that can’t see the continuation. hoping we don’t have to wait too long. Love Angie Harmon & Kristoffer Polaha. Love Lifetime. Enjoyed the movie. can’t wait for the continuation. well done along with great acting. can’t wait to see more. was OMG good

  11. Great movie but don’t leave us hanging too long! I don’t like investing all this time without the finish product. U should let the viewers know ahead of time because I don’t like spending my time investing into a movie that doesn’t have an ending or when or if it’ll have an ending. Makes me wonder if I’d spend time on another Lifetime movie…

    1. Loved the movie. Angie was great. Now when is the second one coming. I didn’t know it was a two part.

    2. I feel the same way. Not to know there was more than 1 sucks. Love her in this movie. Hurry with next one. Great show!

  12. Not fair! Not fair at all. You should have said it was going to be continued! Enjoyed the show but have no idea when part two will be and either does the filming company. So sad……

  13. B in B was awesome. Suspenseful, nail biting, Angie’s quick comebacks, which I love bout her. Little bit of everything, loved loved it.

  14. Really enjoyed this movie, continue with the story. Want to know what happens! More sooner than later please

  15. Loved the movie.Angie was amazing in double duty as actress and producer.I can’t wait
    for the sequel.Please don’t let it be too long.I was just about to give up on Lifetime Movies
    I am pretty fed up with all these cheerleaders nannies and deranged brides.This action movie
    is what we all needed.Good job Lifetime!!!!!

    1. Totally agree! Have had it up to here with nannies, cheerleaders, and deranged brides! Buried in Barstow was exhilarating, shocking twists, mystery and intrigue. Refreshing and exciting and left me wanting MORE…NOW!

  16. I loved loved loved the movie. Don’t wait too much time before the next sequel. Don’t wanna forget how the first one ended! I’m a Lifetime fan. You should see my DVR!!

  17. Love Angie Harmon and Kristoffer Polaha, Buried in Barstow was fantastic, I love it but was shocked that there was a part 2 . Of course I didn’t want the movie to end but to be continued. OMG!! Has part 2 been made yet? If not hurry up.

  18. This was a great movie!!! Hoping that they don’t wait to long for the sequels. Loved Angie Hatmon. This will be a number 1 hit👍👍👍👍👍👍

  19. Since the movie ended with the words “To Be Continued” clearly shown on the screen, my only quibble is that Lifetime did not start filming the Second part as soon as they had a good shooting script.
    It is an Excellent movie and the Cast deserved to have the opportunity to continue while the Momentum was still high.

    As it is, this means that we will have probably a Year to wait for Part 2 and they may lose Audience Momentum.
    They will probably need to air Part One again just before airing Part Two, just to refresh the audience’s memories.

  20. Loved it, Angie Harmon has always been a great representative for women! We are not violent normally, just being the good wife as we were brought up ( the rug to be stepped on!)
    Let’s see the second round, give us a date!!!!

  21. We loved this movie but were absolutely shocked that it was “to be continued”. Don’t leave us hanging too long! It was great to see Angie Harmon back in action!

  22. This movie was wonderful can’t wait for the next one hope it won’t b long Angie is wonderful l love watching her in anything

  23. Great movie and loved Angie and Kristoffer together! Please don’t wait too long for the next one.

  24. Really stupid ending with a cliffhanger😡 Lifetime should have given a heads up that there would be a part 2. I rarely watch Lifetime.

  25. I watched this movie last night and recorded it of course watched it again today!!! I absolutely loved this and I can not wait for 2nd part!! I love the way she plays the part of how a mother will do anything to protect her child! Absolutely awesome!!

  26. My neighbor and I watched it last night. It’s a great movie. We also loved the whole cast mainly Angie Harmon, for sure I watch her other tv show. Now we waiting on Part 2. Boy you really left us hanging and waiting for more. Great job.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤

  27. I cant believe it left me hanging. My heart rate was up and I was ready for a dramatic ending. Definitely left alot of issues open for the next movie…… Where is it already?

    1. Buried in Barstow was a fantastic movie. I love Angie Harmon. It was so exciting I got to the point where I was getting tired of lifetime movies. but this movie was exciting, believable and it brought me back to Lifetime. You need to give the green light for more sequels to follow. Angie Harmon is is incredible as an actress and the rest of the cast are great. if you want to bring people back to Lifetime start producing more movies like this 👍👍👍👍👍 please hurry up and get working on Part 2 of Buried in Barstow! Angie Harmon is a Keeper….!!!!!!!

  28. Geeze! Loved the movie but would not have watched if I had known we were being used as test subjects. And what does enhanced mean? They were the same show? This is irritating. Another reason not to watch Lifetime.

  29. I watched it! Now I’m hanging on for more! She is a badass and I’m totally on her side. Please let it be known when the second one comes out, I do not want to miss it.

  30. Husband and I really liked this movie! A Lot! We even kind of went into panic mode and started looking for part 2, and couldn’t find it anywhere. That’s how I made my way here! We are anxious to see part 2, it can’t arrive soon enough!
    Angie Harmon, as Hazel, Girl, you did yourself proud with “Buried in Barstow”!I’ll be looking frequently for part 2 of the series!

  31. Absolutely loved this movie. So intense and suspenseful. Disappointed to have to wait to see what happens next.

  32. My grandchildren said, “OMG, what they call me, YOU WOULD ABSOLUTELY DO THIS FOR US”!!!!
    And I would !! I love any role Angie Harmon is in ! PLEASE GET PART 2 ON QUICKLY !!! I will make sure I’m still kick in’ just to see it !!!!

  33. This is the best movie I have seen in a long time – Angie Harmon is awesome. Please don’t leave us hanging – make another one and make them closer together so we don’t forget the story line. I am hoping for a weekly series 🙂

  34. Enjoyed the movie!
    Just a side note, Bridges Barbecue is a real restaurant and if ever in Shelby, NC I suggest you stop by for some great food!

  35. One of the A list Lifetime movies – thoroughly enjoyed so great to see Angie back and producing!
    Please hurry with part 2 – that was a shocker ending!

  36. It was fantastic, hated the ending, but then saw it will be continue, but it has to come back soon. There are no good shows on anymore, bring this back soon. Great actors all around.

  37. Such a great movie it kept me up late because like a good book I couldn’t stop watching. NOW we have to — what — WAIT for Part 2? When? I don’t want to miss it! Love the characters and acting, love the plot and movie!

  38. Angie is such a badass in this movie! I loved that! Kristoffer is one of my favorite actors. I was enjoying the movie and then he showed up! WHOA! way to make me love the movie even more! Their chemistry on screen is perfect, IMO. I looked for sequel because Angie was talking in the beginning about “several” parts to this……….. Count me in! I can NOT wait! and make sure Kristoffer is in every single one…… until then I love to see him on Hallmark.

  39. WOW! Really liked this movie. I sat on the edge of my seat. So many twists and turns. Love Kris and Angie. Hope they don’t take too long before part 2 is released.

  40. LOVE,,LOVE..JUST LOVE this show..please hurry film more..more.>>> ASAP.. most movies now days are not worth watch but this one was >>>GREAT..

  41. I stumble upon this movie. I noted Angie Harmon was the lead character. For me that was the attraction. A big plus. Loved the film. Quirky and surprising. Shock Horror. “To be continued” WHAT???? Of course Hazel survives. Well she shall survive or I wish to know the reason why she doesn’t. I cant wait to follow the sequel-s. Jump to it “Lifetime”. Get it done.

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