Andi Dorfman Dishes On Dream Wedding

It’s wedding season and Bachelor Nation is turning out. Andi Dorfman is one of the many brides planning an amazing wedding. Dorfman first came on the scene in season 18 of The Bachelor before going on to be the lead herself. She hadn’t been in a serious relationship, at least not publicly, since the end of her engagement to Josh Murray.

Now she’s looking forward to marrying her best friend, Blaine Hart.  In a March Instagram post, Andi shared a photo by the beach. You can see the large ring on her finger, and she captioned it, “Worth the wait.”

At the beginning of their relationship, Andi didn’t reveal his identity and only shared a picture with the back of his head. As they got more serious, she wanted to share him with her fans and followers, because she’d found “the one.”

Andi Dorfman, Instagram
Andi Dorfman, Instagram

As we reported Andi met Blaine over a decade ago. They met through a mutual friend and when they reconnected, both were on vacation in Italy.

What Does Andi Dorfman’s Dream Wedding Look Like?

Andi Dorfman answered questions about her upcoming nuptials on Instagram. She said she’s not going to have any bridesmaids because she wants a really small wedding. She did go on to say her sister will be something special, but that’s it.

According to Bachelor Nation, she said she continues to change her mind about a dress every time she sees a new picture. She said she’s thinking “something more classic and/or lace.” She said their wedding is going to be “intimate, chic, and Italian with lots of vino and pasta!”

Andi said she knew Blaine was right for her when she waited for something to go wrong, and it never did. She said, “I think I just found someone who not only I love but also like (a lot), and the same went for him.” She said waiting until their mid-thirties gave them more gratitude to find each other and allowed them to “cherish that.”

They’re Also Going To Be Home Owners

Most recently Andi Dorfman shared a photo of the couple expressing they’d made a large purchase. The caption says “officially homeowners … of a dirt lot! Bring on the bedazzled hard hats, we got a house to build y’all!”

Andi Dorfman, Instagram
Andi Dorfman, Instagram

Chris Harrison said, “Congratulations to you guys. This will make you or break you.” Andi responded, “Ain’t no breaking us lol hopefully.”

The two had been living separately with her in LA and Blaine in South Carolina. The location of the post is in South Carolina, so it looks like she’s moving back to the south.

What do you think about Andi’s dream wedding? Comment with your thoughts down below. As always come back to TV Shows Ace for Bachelor weddings, babies, and breakups.

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