Andi Dorfman Dishes On Future With Blaine Hart

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Former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman is finally in love again. It seems she hasn’t been in a very serious relationship since her engagement to Josh Murray ended several years ago in 2015. She’s tried to keep her love life private and has managed to do so. Now, she’s finally sharing her man with the rest of the world. Keep reading to find out more about Andi and Blaine Hart.

Andi Dorfman dishes on future with Blaine Hart

US Weekly shared what former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman had to say about her relationship with Blaine Hart. It seems things are continuing to heat up and definitely becoming serious. So, where does she see it going?

Andi all but said he’s the one for her. She said, “We’ve said a lot of things, a lot of cliché phrases like, ‘Timing is everything,’ ‘When you know, you know.'”

Andi also shared that they are not engaged yet. However, she said US Weekly will be the first to know right after their parents.

Andi Dorfman, Instagram

She started giving hints about Blaine in December when she posted a photo of them kissing. It wasn’t until more recently that his face and name were shared. Andi said she finally revealed his identity because she found someone she wants the world to know about.

Andi said, “It sounds cliché, but shout from the rooftops, I was like, ‘I want everyone to know how happy I am in love.’” She’s also loving the feedback fans are sending her way. So, she says she now has a “want to even go deeper and share more of it because I realize people are actually happy for me to find love.”

What does Blaine think of Andi?

Blaine says he loves everything about her. However, he notes Andi’s humor is at the top of the list of things he loves. He said, “I think we have a great chemistry, a good connection. She’s very smart, also very funny, keeps me laughing … The list is long, but the humor is at the top.”

Plus, it seems Andi has known him for quite some time. She said they actually met 15 years previously through a friend. More recently, they were both in Italy on separate vacations and he reached out to her. He said he wanted to take her out for drinks. They went and have been together ever since.

Currently, they are doing the long-distance relationship thing. He lives in South Carolina while Andi lives in Los Angeles. She says she’s trying to convince him it’s time to move west.

What do you think about Andi’s new boyfriend? Will their be an engagement soon?



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