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‘Survivor’ 42: Watch This Player Receive A Special Prize

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Survivor Season 42 is over and the winner, Maryanne, has taken the million-dollar grand prize. There were so many good players in Season 42 that it may seem like a shame that only Maryanne gets the money. You’re not alone in feeling that way. In recent years, there’s been a prize for certain players who stand out to a certain fan. Call it a “consolation prize” if you will, but it’s taken a different name up amongst fans of the show. The Sia award. And it’s worth 100,000 dollars!

So who took home the Sia prize this season? Recently, the Survivor official Twitter account gave us the answer.

The Sia Award

In the emotional video, it is revealed that Drea is the winner of this season’s Sia award! A CBS producer got Drea in a video call and then brought Sia in to make the announcement. Drea is getting $100,000 from Sia for her performance in the season. There are so many players from Season 42 who deserve an award like this, and Drea is certainly one of them. Her strategy and ability to manage her advantages put her at the top of the game for a significant amount of time.

drea sia award survivor 42
Drea getting the news from pop star Sia herself

Hopefully the money can help her life in a major way, and we can see her back on Survivor sometime in the future to finally take that million-dollar prize to boot.

Sia Awards From Kaoh Rong To Survivor 42

Sia has been giving out prizes to her personal favorite losing contestants since Kaoh Rong, AKA Season 32. That’s ten seasons now of prizes for contestants who frankly deserve them. Although, the award was absent in both 40 and 41, it’s made a return with Survivor 42. It’s gone to amazing players in the past like Donathan from Ghost Island, Janet and Elaine from Island Of The Idols, and, of course, the original recipient Tai from Kaoh Rong.

Survivor Season 43 is officially done filming. The confirmation for that came recently on behalf of some of the new contestants’ social media accounts that diligent fans have been digging up. Right now, they’re beginning to film Season 44 of the show. Season 43 will be coming to us later this year, while Season 44 will arrive in the spring of next year.

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