Jeopardy Fans Spot Massive Editing Blunder [Credit: Jeopardy/YouTube]

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Spot Massive Editing Blunder


Jeopardy! fans noticed a massive editing blunder in the latest episode. Nothing misses these eagle-eyed viewers. They’ve been sharing their input about everything from Mayim Bialik’s hosting style to her clothing. They also pay attention every time she makes a mistake.

Fans noticed an “obvious” editing error in the latest episode. They shared “proof” that the shot was “out of order.” Some people can’t believe that production missed this big goof-up. It appears that the popular quiz show was filmed out of order.

Jeopardy Game Show [Credit: Jeopardy/YouTube]
[Credit: Jeopardy/YouTube]

Eagle-eyed viewers notice major editing error

In the Wednesday, May 25 episode of Jeopardy!, fans noticed a big editing error. This caused some to wonder if the show was filmed out of order. At the start of the episode, the camera panned over to the three contestants competing in that episode. Jeopardy! fans noticed that their podiums were placed as they usually are at the start of the show.

Then the show’s, host, Mayim Bialik walked out and welcomed the contestants. Soon enough, the cameras panned back over the contestants and there was a huge editing flaw. Jeopardy! fans then noticed that the podiums looked different from before. One of the contestants had their dividers up, which is not normal during the first round.

Jeopardy! Set [Credit: Jeopardy/YouTube]
[Credit: Jeopardy/YouTube]
Only during the final round is when the contestants had their dividers up. Dividers are used to ensure that cheating doesn’t take place during the “Final Jeopardy” round where all three contestants must write their answers. Fans realized that this was due to an editing error.

One Jeopardy! fan took to Reddit to write, “Did anyone notice Ryan’s divider was halfway up at the beginning of the game?”

An interesting thing that happens is that the divider is back down once the game starts. Another fan suggested that this episode might have been shot soon after the previous one. It’s common for game shows to film consecutive episodes in one day. One fan said they hoped that “somebody got fired for that blunder.”

Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik makes her own mistake

During that same episode, Jeopardy! fans noticed that Mayim Bialik made her own blunder. She had an awkward exchange with champ Ryan about the iconic band, Queen. It appears that The Big Bang star was not aware of the band that had massive hits in the ’70s and ’80s. Fans ripped her for her “lack of knowledge” when it comes to popular music.

During the Q&A portion of the game show, Ryan said he was a huge fan of the band. Bialik exclaimed, “Even before Wayne’s World made it popular!” Ryan was confused, as were most Jeopardy! fans. But, he politely carried on with the conversation.

“Uh yep, my brother… gave me a cassette when I was younger and I was the only one who knew all the parts of Bohemian Rhapsody,” he said with a laugh. “When the movie came out.”

Jeopardy Mayim Bialik With Contestants [Credit: Jeopardy/YouTube]
[Credit: Jeopardy/YouTube]
“So you were cool before it was cool!” Mayim ended the segment with a proud smile on her face.

Jeopardy! fans were confused why the Blossom actress thought the 1992 comedy “Made Queen popular.” Some argued that Queen was long popular before Wayne’s World. What are your thoughts on this week’s snafus on Jeopardy? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. jeepers, judgy much?

    Crowley was currently doing 110 mph somewhere east of Slough. Nothing about him looked particularly demonic, at least by classical standards. No horns, no wings. Admittedly he was listening to a Best of Queen tape, but no conclusions should be drawn from this because all tapes left in a car for more than about a fortnight metamorphose into Best of Queen albums.

  2. Why do we care about these minuscule items? Mayim is fine. Her rapport with players is great.

  3. Fans of the show should stop picking on Mayim. She is doing a good job, her attire is professional.
    The show is not a variety one. It is educative so it is totally perfect, reflecting what a educator will wear.

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