Jeopardy! Fans Berate Mayim Bialik, Not Smart Enough To Host?

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Berate Mayim Bialik, Not Smart Enough To Host?


Mayim Bialik is an actual neuroscientist. However, Jeopardy! fans still don’t think she’s smart enough to host the quiz show. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, viewers are not a fan of The Big Bang Theory star. They ripped her for everything from the way she hosts the show to the way she dresses.

Bialik has addressed the criticism recently. She also feels there’s a double standard when it comes to her and her male counterparts. Fans slammed Bialik once again for her “lack of knowledge” of a famous rock band. Read on to learn more and to see what they have to say now.

Mayim Bialik Makes Mistake [Credit: Jeopardy/YouTube]
[Credit: Jeopardy/YouTube]

Mayim Bialik is not that smart?

Jeopardy! fans claim Mayim Bialik is not that smart. She made a huge blunder about an iconic rock band. Some fans took to Twitter to rip her for her “lack of knowledge.” Bialik is hosting Jeopardy! for the next few months.

Ken Jennings is currently on an extended hiatus. He told fans on Twitter that he will be out for “months.” Fans are desperate to find answers as to why Jennings took a break. Meanwhile, others have begged for him to return.

Some of them don’t think Mayim Bialik is smart enough to host the game show. On the latest episode, returning champ Ryan, a rideshare driver from Pennsylvania, worked his way to a ninth straight win with a total of $173,000. However, fans didn’t notice and were more disappointed with Bialik.

Jeopardy Champ Ryan [Credit: Jeopardy/YouTube]
[Credit: Jeopardy/YouTube]
During the Q&A, Ryan admitted that he was a fan of the classic rock band, Queen, which was started by Freddy Mercury. Bialik tried to maintain the conversation, but it ended awkwardly. It appeared that’s not familiar with the iconic band.

“Speaking of music, you’re a huge fan of Queen…” Mayim Bialik said.”Even before Wayne’s World made it popular!”

“Uh yep, my brother… gave me a cassette when I was younger and I was the only one who knew all the parts of Bohemian Rhapsody,” Ryan awkwardly responded. “When the movie came out.”

“So you were cool before it was cool!” Mayim Bialik said with a satisfied expression on her face.

Jeopardy! viewers want her gone

Most of the fans flocked to Twitter to talk about that awkward exchange. Most are familiar with the band, which had some of the biggest albums in the 1970s. They also headlined their own Live Aid concert in 1985.

Some Jeopardy! fans were confused why Mayim Bialik thought the 1992 comedy “made Queen popular.” Others were offended that she didn’t know the band. They don’t think Bialik should be standing behind the podium because of this mistake.

  • “Wayne’s World made Queen popular? WOW, that’s a take.”
  • “I’m 33 so I don’t know everything but did Wayne’s World really make Queen popular? Were they struggling artists before that?”
  • “Ummmm, Queen was popular way before Wayne’s World.”
  • “Blossom hosting Jeopardy just said that the band Queen wasn’t popular prior to Wayne’s World. Can we start a group to get her off this show?”

Despite the snafu, Ryan is currently the highest-earning champ from Philadelphia. What are your thoughts on Mayim Bialik? Do you think she’s not smart enough for the show? Do you think she was just confused? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Mayim Bialik.

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  1. Why don’t the so called jeopardy viewer shut the hell up and watch the real show. Maybe if you put your favorite people on a contestant you’ll quit your bitchin and grow up

  2. Yes, she IS smart enough to host the show. She is a professional show business person and has had formal training in that field.

    People need to leave her alone and let her personality help carry the show. With all due respect, Ken Jennings has had no previous television training and really has nothing more than a bland personality. Retain Mayim Bialik as hostess for this show.

  3. I think all of this criticism is truly disgusting!! No matter who is put behind the Jeopardy podium, there is no way they can know everything! I really appreciate Mayim’s enthusiasm & I feel like she is showing amazing resilience under the pressure of all of this nit-picking. Myself, I would hate to be under this magnifying glass that all of you haters seem to have her under!!!

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