Why ‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Have Such Major Beef With Mayim Bialik?

Mayim Bialik still hasn’t won over Jeopardy! fans. For some reason, it’s taking her a long time than her peers. The actual neuroscientist is taking over the podium for the next few months.

Earlier this month, Ken Jennings announced his departure from the show. He’s taking an extended hiatus. But, he promises to return before the show’s season finale. The viewers have expressed their disappointment over the news.

They’ve stormed social media to share their thoughts. Some of them are threatening to boycott the quiz show, while others said they want Jennings back. Read on to learn why they have such beef with Bialik.

Jeopardy Fans Can't Stand Mayim Bialik [Credit: Jeopardy/YouTube]
[Credit: Jeopardy/YouTube]

Makes changes to Jeopardy!

Mayim Bialik was announced as one of the guest hosts of Jeopardy! She ended up with the coveted role following the controversy involving former Jeopardy! producer Mike Richardson. At the time, a series of guest hosts were trying out for the show, including Reading Rainbow host Lavar Burton and former champions like Ken Jennings and Buzzy Cohen.

Bialik ended up with the position alongside Jennings. It was a fair way to distribute the hosting duties. However, Jeopardy! fans weren’t pleased since they think she changes the rules and pace of the game show. They’re frustrated with her use of the term “Single Jeopardy” during the first round of the show.

Mayim Bialik Changes Game Show [Credit: Jeopardy/YouTube]
[Credit: Jeopardy/YouTube]
Bialik made a subtle change to the round. She called the opening round of the game “Single Jeopardy” rather than “the Jeopardy round,” which the latest Alex Trebek called it. It’s unclear why Bialik calls it “Single Jeopardy.”

Since there’s a “Double Jeopardy” round, there’s no need to call the first round “Single Jeopardy.” Other fans think she’s changed up the pace of the show and doesn’t follow the rules, especially when it comes to asking contestants for accurate responses.

Mayim Bialik should “tone it down”?

Some Jeopardy! fans think she should “tone it down.” They think she sounds more like a schoolteacher rather than a game show host. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, she was recently slammed for giggling too much during the show. Either she’s too serious or she’s too silly.

The reason why she may get more criticism is that she’s a woman. Bialik noted the double standards in the industry during an interview while promoting her directorial debut.

Jeopardy Fans Slam Mayim's Nerdy Attire [Credit: Jeopardy/YouTube]
[Credit: Jeopardy/YouTube]
“One of the neat things about having a woman in this role is it’s bringing up a lot of questions about the labels we put on those things,” Bialik explained, per The Daily Beast. “One of my biggest challenges is I’m so impressed that people know the answers that they’ve asked me to tone down how excited I am when people get them right, which I think is a great note to get.”

Jeopardy! fans slam her “nerdy” style

She’s received criticism from Jeopardy! fans over her “nerdy” appearance. The 46-year-old defended her wardrobe during the Fox Upfront in New York. She shared her true identity and said it will never change. However, Bialik wishes that she could wear whatever she wants, including a pantsuit.

“The fact is, we don’t live in a culture where I can wear a gray suit and then a blue suit, but maybe next year we’ll see,” Bialik told The New York Post. “I don’t think anyone should think about it so much, especially me.”

Jeopardy Fans Want Ken Jennings Back [Credit: Jeopardy/YouTube]
[Credit: Jeopardy/YouTube]
The Blossom star admitted that she wishes she could wear more than just dresses. She also revealed what it means to be a “nerd,” which is more than playing Dungeons & Dragons. Bialik is happiest when she’s “reading academic papers.” Also in that interview, she called hosting Jeopardy! a “nerd’s dream job.”

Viewers have wondered who will become the new permanent host. Jennings will return to Jeopardy! in July. Bialik’s sitcom Call Me Kat has been renewed for a third season, which means she could leave. What are your thoughts on the backlash? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Mayim is doing a great job as jeopardy host and people should stop looking for ways to critique her looks and actions. Just enjoy the game show.

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