‘Unexpected’ Alum Ethan Ybarra Looks Unrecognizable In Rare Photo

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Unexpected alum Ethan Ybarra looks unrecognizable in a rare photo. Stay on this page to see what has fans of the show feeling thirsty.

Unexpected alum prepping for second child?

Unexpected viewers met Ethan Ybarra and Myrka Cantu during Season 4 of the show. Just 15 at the time, they were expecting a child. As common with the teen pregnancy show, the couple broke up after Attalie was born.

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Ethan Ybarra/credit: Ethan Ybarra Instagram

Could Ethan Ybarra join the next season of Unexpected? His new girlfriend is reportedly pregnant with his second child. However, rumor has it that she doesn’t want to keep the baby. Texts have leaked online showing Ethan begging her to reconsider.

According to Myrka, her baby daddy doesn’t help provide for their daughter. Her allegation ignited another online feud between the exes.

Ethan Ybarra looks unrecognizable in rare photo

When viewers last saw Ethan, he was a baby-faced teenager. He took to his Instagram earlier this week to prove that he’s all grown up now. He posted a series of smoldering photos from a professional photoshoot.

The Instagram account @tlc.unexpectedteaa shared one of the photos with an unexpected result. The caption jokes that the point of the post was to troll Ethan Ybarra and his barber for the images crafted into his new hairstyle.

However, the comment section took things in a different direction. Fans of the show left several compliments for the former TLC star.

He looks good. Let’s not be hating,” one person wrote. Another chimed in, “I’ll be honest, he look fine as h*ll.”

However, many other comments asked how he could afford a haircut and a professional photoshoot.

So he’s got money for a fancy hair cut, fancy clothes, a fancy car, a photo session… But not for diapers for his kid?,” one comment read.

Another thing that stumped people who watched Season 4 is how different he looks. One person asked, “Wow! Is this that chubby soft spoken kid that was with Mirka??!! [sic]”

Even Ethan’s ex-girlfriend had something to say about the photos.

Ex-girlfriend weighs in on the thirst trap

While many social media users drank up the photo of Ethan like they were dehydrated, Myrka Cantu wasn’t having any of it.

She left a shady reply to a comment about how much her ex has changed. One former Ethan stan wrote in disbelief, “I used to think he was hot wtf kinda drugs or delusions was I ON!?!?”

Myrka responded, “I totally feel you.”

Ethan Ybarra/credit: Ethan Ybarra Instagram

Click here for Ethan’s Instagram to see more snapshots from the professional shoot.

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