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Tammy Slaton’s New Man Had Girlfriend Months Before Hooking Up?

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Many 1000-Lb. Sisters fans are really interested in learning about Tammy Slaton’s new beau. From what fans gather from circulating social media screenshots, it seems like Tammy and her new man are really serious.

However, the timestamps on the screenshots reveal that he was with another woman just a short two months before getting with TLC star Tammy Slaton.

Is the new boyfriend really committed to Tammy? He claims his love for Tammy is true and has lasted for years, but he was definitely with someone else not too long ago.

So what’s the real answer here?

Is Tammy Slaton’s new boyfriend a two-timer?

1000-Lb. Sisters fans really want the best for Tammy Slaton. Over the course of three seasons, fans have seen her struggle to find someone who genuinely wants to be with her. Many of her exes were clout chasers or interested in fetishizing Tammy. Several of the boyfriends encouraged Tammy to cheat on her diet and engage in very unhealthy habits.

Ultimately, Tammy just wanted to be loved. So she gave into the pressure and broke with her diet plans to please her boyfriends. Fans won’t mind the new boyfriend if he can stay true to Tammy and help her with her wellness journey instead of hurting her.

But how true is he really?

Tammy Slaton from TLC
Tammy Slaton/TLC

According to the timestamps on Facebook, Tammy and Mikey Mooney have only been together since the beginning of May. But Mikey’s Facebook reveals that he seemed to be in a serious relationship with another woman in March.

Mikey Mooney/Facebook

This is perfectly fine — but Mikey claims that he’s been in love with Tammy for quite some time. In a Facebook thread, he even revealed that he’s been chasing Tammy for several years.

Mikey Mooney/Facebook

So has Mikey really been chasing Tammy Slaton for years? If so, fans don’t think that seems very fair to the other woman he dated in March.

Either way, fans will just have to stay tuned to see what happens with this budding romance.

Where is the TLC star these days?

Tammy Slaton’s online followers did notice that she’s been quiet on social media lately. Rumors around her death started flying, but now fans know this isn’t true. According to her younger sister Amy Halterman, Tammy simply got locked out of her social media accounts.

This is the story that is being put out, but fans aren’t entirely convinced this is true. There are other rumors circulating that Tammy actually exceeded her weight loss goals and is headed to bariatric surgery.

If Tammy visibly lost a significant amount of weight, TLC might have asked her to stay off social media. The network will definitely want to keep her weight loss a secret until the new season drops.

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