Tammy Slaton Dead? Amy Halterman Breaks Silence, Updates Fans

Tammy Slaton from TLC

1000-Lb. Sisters fans haven’t heard from Tammy Slaton in well over a month. The TLC star keeps a pretty active social media presence, so this is very concerning.

Over the last three seasons of 1000-Lb. Sisters, fans watched Tammy struggle with a myriad of health issues. There were several instances where she almost didn’t survive. Now, fans wonder if this time Tammy really didn’t make it.

While rumors surrounding the TLC personality’s death continue to circle, her sister Amy Halterman is speaking up. Keep reading to see what Amy had to say regarding her older sister’s health.

Where is Tammy Slaton? Fans have questions about her whereabouts

Like her older sister, Amy Halterman also enjoys interacting with fans on social media. She frequently posts photos of her son Gage on Instagram. And on one of these posts, fans started asking questions about Tammy’s whereabouts.

Tammy Slaton/TLC

Since Tammy went silent on social media, Amy has been carrying on as if everything is normal. Fans began to speculate she would appear more somber if anything happened to Tammy or that Amy might even make a formal announcement about her passing. But none of this ever happened.

So what exactly did happen to Tammy Slaton?

“is ur sister okay? she hasn’t posted in a while,” asked one of Amy’s followers.

“yes she been lock out of her account and had to set up new ones. And tiktok bann her,” Amy replied.

You can see the exchange for yourself here:

Amy Halterman/Instagram

This isn’t the first time Tammy Slaton lost her TikTok privileges, but she did regain access to her account in the past. It appears that may not happen this time.

According to Amy Halterman, her sister is completely fine. But it might be a little while before we hear more from Tammy online. Time will only tell.

The TLC star remains in rehab until further notice

As far as fans know, Tammy Slaton is still in rehab for food addiction to this day. She checked herself into rehab at the end of Season 3 to finally tackle her health issues and weight loss goals.

Tammy may not always be kind to her family members on the show, but some fans speculate that’s due to her chronic pain levels. Everyone has bad days now and then, especially when they don’t feel well. The difference is that Tammy has a camera crew following her day after day. Every second of her pain is captured on film for the world to see.

During Tammy’s social media absence, fans hope she takes some time to focus on herself and her own health needs. When she returns to social media, hopefully followers will see the start of a brand new Tammy.

If you love keeping up with Tammy Slaton and Amy Halterman, be sure to follow TV Shows Ace online. There’s always new information on the sisters to share, so stay tuned for more information.

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    1. Tammy has already given up. She is eating herself to death. It’s just a matter of time before her heart gives up too.

  1. She has a nasty attitude and treats her family members like shit . She better be happy they take care of her she damn sure can do for herself

  2. If she doesn’t make attempt to help herself, life is not going to happen much longer. She could do better to help herself but she is not interested. She just wants to depend on other people because she is too damn lazy. Amy has a family and needs all her time to spend with them. You can’t help someone that does not want to help their self. Sorry,
    Tammy truth hurts.

    1. That’s great she had the surgery. I hope she loses her weight and makes a very moving decision to go back on the show. I want doctors to do surgery to make her a beautiful swan. Sending warm wishes and good vibes!!!!

  3. She has a terrible attitude and treats her family like they owe her something. It’s time for Tammy to grow up. Her drinking and partying looks ridiculous !

  4. I think Tammy is going a excellent job please stop put her down and I am she found some one who love her is she I really love her she didn’t hurt no body

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