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‘Young Sheldon’: Legendary Penn & Teller Guest On Finale, Sneak Peek

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Penn & Teller are slated to appear on an upcoming episode of Young Sheldon and you’ll never guess the role they’ll be playing. The legendary duo will “pop” in during Thursday night’s Season 5 finale. However, Teller won’t be playing the role viewers have seen him in on The Big Bang Theory. Keep reading to see how Penn and Teller will contribute to the season finale of Young Sheldon.

Teller Has Been On ‘Big Bang’ Before

Fans of The Big Bang Theory may know that Teller has made an appearance on the original series before. He played the role of Amy Farrah Fowler’s dad, Larry. Teller won’t be returning to play that role in the spinoff series though. Instead, he and his partner, Penn, have been asked to play a part in Sheldon’s coming-0f-age story.

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The last episode of the fifth season will focus on Sheldon entering puberty. More specifically, he has his first experience with acne. The mark on his face becomes the only thing Sheldon can focus on and, eventually, he even starts having conversations with it. Even though it seems like this is the biggest thing that could possibly be going on in life, the rest of his family has their own regular problems to deal with.

Producers of the show said they were interested in exploring the idea that a small blemish could cause Sheldon so much terror. That’s where Penn and Teller come in.

‘Young Sheldon’ Is Going Through Puberty

It is Sheldon’s first pimple and the producers of the show thought it would be fun to personify the event. The two pimples that appear show up as none other than Penn and Teller.

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Credit: YouTube/TBS

Teller first agreed to be in an episode of the Big Bang spinoff. He and his long-time partner, Penn, will be playing the cringey roles of “acne and pus.” The final episode of the season is titled A Clogged Pore, a Little Spanish and the Future. It looks at some of the more unpleasant parts of adolescence like pesky breakouts while the rest of the family addresses other personal problems.

“We thought it was a fun idea to personify the pimple, so we were thinking about who would be right for Acne Vulgaris,” Steve Molaro, series co-creator, said. They eventually landed on Penn as a personification of Acne but then producers thought if we can get Penn, why not get Teller too? Molaro said they asked the two legends, “‘How would you guys feel about doing it together, as Acne and Pus?’” Of course, Penn and Teller were interested.

If you want to see Penn and Teller in action, the season finale of Young Sheldon airs on Thursday on CBS at 8 p.m. EST. You can see a sneak peek of the episode below.

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