Is Johnny Depp Dating His Brunette Bombshell Attorney?

Is Johnny Depp Dating His Brunette Bombshell Attorney? [Credit: YouTube]

Johnny Depp fans are curious to know if he’s dating his brunette bombshell attorney. They’ve been wanting to know more about her and her relationship with the actor. The Pirates of the Caribbean star has been in a long and drawn-out court case with his ex-wife Amber Heard.

The litigation is currently suspended until Monday, May 16. But, that hasn’t stopped the rumors from swirling about the Hollywood star. Depp’s personal life has become a topic of discussion. Some fans are convinced he’s involved in a heavy love affair with his lawyer Camille Vasquez.

Not only because she’s beautiful but also because she’s been heavily defending him in court.

Johnny Depp love affair rumors

There are discussions about his love affairs during the ongoing court trial. Some fans reminisced about Johnny Depp’s relationship over the years. Others have wondered if he sparked a new romance with his lawyer. All eyes have been on Camille Vasquez ever since she stepped into the courtroom with Depp.

Some fans have noticed that there is chemistry between the lawyer and the actor. At one point in the trial, Johnny Depp couldn’t stop laughing. He turned and look at his lawyer, who responded with a smile. The 38-year-old represents the court of lawyers who are defending Johnny Depp in the case against his ex-wife Amber Heard, per The Focus.

Johnny Depp Love Affair Rumors [Credit: Screen Slam/YouTube]
[Credit: Screen Slam/YouTube]
Some fans can’t keep their eyes off Vasquez. One even posted a video of Depp and his lawyer smiling during the trial. The fan included the song “Cool For The Summer” by Demi Lovato in their tribute video to the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory star and his legal practitioner. In the bizarre video, the lyrics pop up on the screen as scenes of Depp and Vasquez play.

This video and the tweets from Depp’s fans have led to the affair rumors. If the rumor were true, Vasquez would have someone else to answer to. On Tuesday, May 10, TMZ spoke to sources close to Depp and Vasquez. They revealed whether he’s dating his gorgeous attorney.

Dating Camille Vasquez?

Sources told the online tabloid that there is no relationship between Johnny Depp and his gorgeous agent. Vasquez has been in a relationship for several months with a British real estate agent. That would rule out the possibility of a romance with the Golden Globe winner.

Everything fans witnessed was just the result of a close relationship between the two. It’s not highly unlikely for two parties to develop a close relationship in such a short time. However, in this case, it’s still a professional relationship since Depp is Vasquez’s attorney. Still, it won’t stop the fans from shipping them.

Johnny Depp Court Trial [Credit: Entertainment Tonight/YouTube]
[Credit: Entertainment Tonight/YouTube]
What are your thoughts on Johnny Depp dating his bombshell attorney? Did you buy into the rumors? Do you think there’s some truth to them? Sound off below in the comment section.

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