Christine Brown Ready To Mingle, Joins TikTok To Meet Men?

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When Christine Brown left her husband Kody after more than twenty years, it was an extremely brave move. The mother of six was asked if she was ready to date. Her response was that she was dating herself during the time of the Season 16 tell-all. Has enough time passed that she is finally ready to put herself back out there?

Christine Brown Takes A Stand In Her Marriage

When Christine married Kody in 1994, she came in as his third wife. He had legally married Meri in 1990 followed by Janelle in 1993. It had always been her goal to be the third wife and she was comfortable with her position. Even Kody said she was a breath of fresh air, breaking up the tension between the first two wives. She also did everything in the home and for her husband. Furthermore, she picked up where Janelle left off. Janelle was more of the worker wife and preferred to be out of the home from morning until night. As for Christine, she embraced being a homemaker, raising their children, educating them, and having dinner ready.


As time went on Christine began to lose herself but luckily, Kody was getting ready to take on his fourth wife Robyn. He fell so hard for her that even viewers noticed his favoritism towards her. Time went by and soon, the original three wives left their single-family home for individual houses in Las Vegas. Utah was no longer a safe space so they had to adapt to a new life. There, Christine discovered newfound freedom and happiness, she even began to work. Yet the cracks in her marriage grew deeper and by the time they moved to Flagstaff, it was a disaster. Christine felt lost and miserable with the pandemic further intensifying their issues. Soon, enough was enough.

Looking For A Love On Social Media?

Over the weekend, Christine Brown shared that her only son Paedon finally convinced her to join TikTok. She had been quite reluctant despite his constant nagging mainly due to her age. However, she realized it was time and a great way to further connect with more people. Yet are these people men she would be open to dating? Is Christine finally ready to get out there and mingle again? As The U.S. Sun reiterated, in Christine’s first video, she shared how excited she was to meet people.


Paedon stood with his mother and kept inspiring her along the way. He reminded her that she was not too old at all. Christine just celebrated her fiftieth birthday with a murder-mystery party. It was attended by her former sister wife Janelle and her daughter Savanah. Christine does put herself out there a lot. She is involved in two MLMs that keep her connected with patrons and fans as well as Cameo. This is just another avenue and it is a chance to see what is out there. There is no doubt with her bright light, dedication, and positive attitude that the men will be lining up.

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