Christine Brown’s Life Is Full Circle Without Kody Brown, See Why

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Now that Sister Wives star Christine Brown is done with her ex-husband Kody for good, she’s looking for more ways to fill her time. Christine has a new cooking show and is still raising her youngest, Truely Brown, at home. She even decided to relaunch her Cameo page to connect with fans.

After the split, Christine opted to move back to Utah. She might be far from the rest of her former sister-wives, but she is anything but lonely. Keep reading to learn more about how Christine is living life to the fullest.

Christine Brown dives into being a grandmother amid her split from Kody

Sister Wives fans know how much Christine Brown enjoys being a grandmother. Splitting up is never easy, but it seems like Christine is spending more time with her adorable granddaughter Avalon to help ease some of her pain.

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Avalon Padron is the daughter of Christine’s daughter, Mykelti Padron. Avalon is also Christine’s first grandchild. So naturally, she gets a lot of attention and love from her grandmother.

“I practically begged @mykeltip to let me babysit Avalon! She’s absolutely delightful!” Christine captured her Instagram post. She added a series of photos featuring little Avalon smiling and playing.

Christine Brown/Instagram

You’re exactly the kind of grandmother I would have hand picked for my kids. Your family is blessed to have you as their matriarch,” one fan told Christine in the comment section.

“Grandkids are such a beautiful blessing, she is so cute and growing up so fast ❤️,” said another fan.

Avalon just turned one year old in April, so Christine just experienced her first full year of being a grandmother. Hopefully, she and Avalon will have several more memorable years together.

The TLC star considers expanding her family

On top of being an adoring grandmother, Christine Brown also seems interested in expanding her family. She probably does wish for more grandchildren someday, but in the meantime, she might very well adopt a new pet.

Christine’s Instagram followers definitely know how much she loves animals. In one post, she said that her sister sent her photos of a mother cat and her nursing kittens. The TLC personality immediately got kitty fever and said she was thinking about adopting at least one.

“My sister just sent me this photo and now is the greatest decision I have to make. Do. I. Keep. One?” Christine captioned the Instagram post. In the comments, fans encouraged her to take all the kittens and the mother cat too. The more the merrier!

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