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“Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Adopting New Baby?

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Christine Brown is one of the more popular Sister Wives castmates. Fans really feel that she’s genuine, down to earth, and cares about her family. But now that she left the family, what do her plans look like?

According to her recent Instagram activity, it appears that she might consider expanding her family. And now fans want to know: is the Sister Wives star planning on adopting a new baby?

Keep reading to see what we learned.

Christine Brown definitely has room in her heart for at least one more

Christine Brown left Kody, but she definitely isn’t lonely. She has her children and grandchildren to keep her company. But is it possible she’s going to adopt a new baby anytime soon?

Adoption might be on Christine’s mind, but it might look a little different than you think.

Christine Brown/Instagram

Christine might love human babies, but she’s really thinking about adopting a new furbaby instead.

“My sister just sent me this photo and now is the greatest decision I have to make. Do. I. Keep. One?” the Sister Wives star titled her Instagram post.

In the photo, we see a beautiful black and white mother cat nursing a few kittens. Aren’t they absolutely precious?

Christine Brown/Instagram

Of course, fans happily egged Christine on. They really want her to adopt one of the baby kitties.

If you have to ask, you already know! YES 😍,” wrote one of her followers. 

No. Keep ALL. 😹,” another fan told her.

We already know that Christine Brown is a cat lover. She’s posted photos with one of her daughter’s cats before. But we might hear more about adopting a new furbaby before long. We’ll just have to keep up with Christine and see what happens next!

Christine Brown/Instagram

Do you think Christine needs a new cat? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

Will the Sister Wives star ever look for romance again?

It’s abundantly clear to fans that Christine Brown is enjoying her newfound sense of freedom. But she’s probably not going to adopt any human children anytime soon.

But romance might not be outside the realm of possibilities.

Now that Christine is a single woman, fans want to know if she’ll ever fall in love again.

“Okay so obviously Christine is gonna hold off on love for a while, but has she said anything about polygamy vs. monogamy [and] what route she’d like to take?” wondered one Reddit user. “She’s always been so uninterested in monogamy but she’s probably turned off of polygamy at this point.”

Many other Reddit users readily agreed, but some thought that there’s still a glimmer of hope in Christine’s future. Once she takes some time for herself, she may decide to pursue a romantic relationship again.

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