‘Survivor’ Season 43 Is Happening, Here’s What We Know:

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Nick Davis

The fate of Survivor in the post-COVID world was uncertain for a while. Receiving Seasons 41 and 42 was a ray of good hope. But still, nobody was quite certain what would become of a show that requires so much travel when travel has been such an issue for the last two years. Thankfully, with travel restrictions lifting worldwide, it seems as though Survivor is back and here to stay. It helps that Season 41 and Season 42 have been getting amazing ratings. A combination of their entertainment value and the social conversations both seasons stir up, no doubt.

It is now official: Season 43 and 44 are coming. And recently, Season 43 even began filming. You might think it’s too early for details about the upcoming seasons to come out yet. But there are certain things we do already know thanks to leaks and early announcements from members of production. A video from the YouTube channel RussellMuscleTV has put everything we know into one place. Let’s talk about it.

Survivor 43 Is Coming

The first thing we’re certain of is that the location is Fiji once again. This comes as no surprise since Survivor has been in a rhythm of filming in Fiji for years now. The fact that COVID makes traveling to many places much more complex nowadays doesn’t help, either. It’s understandable that they’re going with Fiji again, but many fans would like some variety already.

fiji survivor
Fiji, the filming location of ‘Survivor’ for years now.

We also know that there will once again be three tribes with six players on each tribe. The popular theory is that they are doing another 26-day season. And that Season 44 will be done back-to-back with Season 43, having the same tribe format and length as the three preceding seasons.

With all of those similarities, some might understandably be afraid that we are simply getting Seasons 41 and 42 with a vaguely new coat of paint. While that is possible, it’s important to note that Survivor is not a show for monotony. They like to change things up, and will likely continue doing so in Seasons 43 and 44. We don’t know what those changes may be this time around, but they’re almost certainly coming.

Survivor 42 Isn’t Finished Just Yet

While we have all this information on Season 43, it’s important to note that Survivor 42 is still ongoing. The season is winding down with only a few eliminations left before the finale. This is a great cast that will likely deliver a fantastic last couple of episodes with plenty of emotional eliminations remaining. There’s definitely no obvious winner just yet.

New episodes of Survivor Season 42 every Wednesday. Survivor Season 43 is coming this fall.

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