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‘Survivor’ 42: A Jury Member Talks About The Show’s Newest Godfather

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The newest episode of Survivor is here. Many fans are still talking heavily about last week’s episode. The lingering drama of past episodes definitely has a major effect this week. The vote itself is fairly straightforward. But the situation surrounding it is very dramatic and holds ramifications from many past votes.

One of the season’s biggest strategic players, Hai, is sadly the one who catches the elimination this week. It seems as though many of his past mistakes, as well as the large profile he built around himself, finally caught up with him. Now with his elimination episode out of the way, Hai has done an exit interview on Rob Has A Podcast. In the interview, Hai talks about how he took his own elimination, and also about the season’s true strategic all-star.

The New Survivor Godfather

hai and omar survivor 42
Hai and Omar talking before the backstab in Episode 10

“Omar driving that lie into Mike’s head was very impressive. Because he was my closest ally,” said Hai about Omar’s great social move from the episode.

Omar has been shining since the merge hit. Through his confessionals and his conversations with other players, a very clear picture is coming across to viewers. That’s the picture of someone who knows how to say things to people to get them to believe he’s on their side. And not just in the short-term, where they figure him out quickly after his actions don’t back him. He’s saying things that he can consistently defend beyond a reasonable doubt. That’s why we’ve seen Omar behind multiple big moves thus far in the game while catching none of the heat for it.

Hai was a strategic player as well, but he had a lot more trouble with his allies. From the time Hai voted out Lydia, he made it clear that he was not a particularly loyal player. Something that came back to bite him after making one of the most loyal players in the game, Mike, his closest ally. Hai recognizes these flaws in the exit interview while simultaneously being very confident in himself that he has a good game to be proud of. He also took his blindside like a champ, with admiration and a smile. There’s a lot to respect about that.

Survivor 42 Is Nearing The Close

There are only seven castaways remaining on this season of Survivor.  The finale is just around the corner. Between Omar, Drea, Maryanne, and Jonathan, there are still many huge players left in the game. Very likely to be more emotional tribal councils coming up in the future.

The final handful of episodes in Survivor Season 42 will arrive in the upcoming Wednesdays.

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