‘Survivor’ 42 Has Its Most Controversial Tribal Council Yet

survivor 42 episode 9 gathering of several castaways
Nick Davis


Survivor Season 42, Episode 9 is the biggest doozy the show has thrown at us this year. The last 5 minutes of this episode are garnering more attention than the previous 8 episodes all put together. Ironically, the double tribal in this episode goes fairly predictably in terms of the eliminations. Tory and Rocksroy are players who have been flirting with disaster for some time now. It’s no surprise that they met their ends in this episode, and it’s fairly humorous that their season-long rivalry ends with them both going out at essentially the same time.

So what’s going on with Episode 9? What has all of the Survivor forums and social media pages alight with commentary? It’s yet another chapter in the sensitivity section of Survivor‘s social angle that adds to the ever-increasing conversation from recent years.

Survivor 42 And Racial Conversations

survivor 2 episode 9 omar and drea
Drea and Omar talking in Episode 9

The merge tribe is once again split into two this episode. Those two groups compete for immunity separately and go to tribal separately. From the first group, Rocksroy is the elimination and another victim of Omar’s fantastic strategic game. When Drea and Maryanne from the second group come into tribal and see that Rocksroy was the vote, things begin to shift.

A conversation about black players in Survivor begins to take place right there in the tribal. One that heats up as Jonathan weighs in, feeling as though he’s getting a stray racism accusation. Maryanne and Drea are clearly in shock and emotional at seeing the other two black players from the merge sitting side-by-side and alone on the jury. Still, they keep it together and manage to adequately explain to Jonathan and everyone watching why it is that they feel the way they do. They then both play their immunity idols so that no one can say they made it through that tribal off playing “the race card.”

Overall, the tribal council is insightful and results in a very upfront Tory elimination. Like every race conversation that’s taken place in Survivor history, it’s split the fanbase. The comments and replies of every Survivor account across social media are currently to the brim with people giving their two cents.

A Continuing Fight

Regardless, hopefully the way Episode 9 ends can be enlightening to a lot of viewers. It is extremely difficult to put yourself out there in the way that Drea and Maryanne now have. They were aware that the side effects would be harassment across their online presence and spoke their minds anyways. That takes guts. Hopefully, the conversation can be a bit more civil on behalf of the fans moving forward.

New episodes of Survivor Season 42 are airing every Wednesday.


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